Techniques for Increasing Student Engagement for Contact Hour Equivalence: Online Courses That Are Flexplace, not Flextime.

By: Dr. David L. Sturges, Associate Professor, College of Business Administration — University of Texas-Pan American


 The concept pursued by this study is to find contact-hour equivalency for students to opt for online classes that are ensured of being equal to or better than classes on campus. The result is an application of online techniques that are based on not requiring students to come to campus for classes, but that meet in the schedule of classes. These are referred to here as “Flex-Place, not Flex-Time.” This course design builds courses to allow scheduling activity on a schedule similar to building a Face-2-Face course schedule, but without the associated costs in dollars and time to commute to campus. Those students who work to support their educational costs, can go to the employee lounge to attend class rather than jumping into a car and making a thirty-minute drive to spend thirty-minutes looking for a parking place to make an on campus class.