HETS Chairman’s Message

Dr. Carlos Vargas-SEMOI am particularly happy to present the Fall Issue, Volume VIII, of this publication. The HETS journal traditionally addresses relevant topics impacting technology and Hispanic Students; this issue is no exception. This is the second volume that we integrated new areas of interest, including student retention and assessment, and the very important topic of student access.

I hope you will share the link to this Journal with your colleagues.  And if you have an innovative technique or would like to share your knowledge and experience in any of these areas impacting higher education, please consider submitting an article for the Volume VIII spring edition on or before March 23, 2018. Click here to download the guidelines to submit your article. Your submission should be an original work either in English or Spanish. Just send it to the HETS office via e-mail to: info@hets.org. Through publications such as the HETS Online Journal, which is included in EBSCO Publishing’s databases, we can share the latest and best information with others in higher education and focus a wide spotlight on the exciting work being done by our colleagues.

Our sincere gratitude to editor in Chief, Pamela Vargas, and members of the Editorial Board: Dr. Naydeen González De Jesús, Dr. Ana Milena Lucumi, Mr. Sunil Gupta, Dr. Manuel Correa, Dr. Carlos Morales, Mr. Carlos Guevara, Dr. Juan “Tito” Meléndez, and Prof. Pura Centeno for accepting the challenge of reviewing and selecting the articles among the many impressive submissions received. We would like to recognize the hard work, commitment and dedication of all.

I hope you find our Fall Issue both informative and interesting.


Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto
HETS Chair
President, Southeast Missouri State University

 Editor’s Message

Pamela Vargas-KrauserWelcome to the Fall 2017 edition of the HETS Online Journal!  We hope that you will find this edition full of useful information aimed at helping to increase student success and retention. As always, we offer some articles in Spanish and some in English. In this issue you will read about the following:

“An Online Tutorial in Support of English Language Learners”, presents a new approach using technology to assist in the student success of English language learners.

The article, “Características, preferencias e intereses de los estudiantes a distancia: Años 2013-2016”, updates past research in education and technology by examining whether there are differences in the demographic characteristics, study preferences, and positive and negative aspects of studying for students studying solely through distance education. For your reference, you can learn more about the author’s earlier research on this topic on previous issues of this Online Journal.

Desarrollo de Competencias Profesionales Sobre Simulación Virtual en el Profesorado de Enfermería”, addresses assessment of faculty training. The article discusses the benefits of implementing and a training and development program for faculty.

“Efecto del aula invertida como estrategia didáctica en el rendimiento académico”, evaluates and analyzes the significance and impact of the implementation of didactic methodology (flipped classroom) on academic performance in the subjects of Spanish, English and mathematics.

“Flourishing in a New Country: Resiliency among Dominican English Language Learners at Bronx Community College, follows two Dominican English language learners and how they used both internal and environmental strengths to overcome language, immigration, academic, and personal adversities.

In the article, “Online Learning for Higher Education to Enhance Access, Student Experiences and Course Outcomes”, a pedagogical approach and assessment of student performance is examined in a Stellar Astronomy course taught in an both in an online class section and a traditional classroom section.

Finally, in “Promoting Academic Success through Resilience and Hardiness”, the author provides some recommendations to educators to achieve student success and retention by creating academic environments that promote resiliency and hardiness.

We wish you much success in your efforts to help students succeed!


Pamela A. (Krauser) Vargas
Director, Research and Grant Development
Southeast Missouri State University
One University Plaza
MS 4400
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Phone:  573.651.2196

 Call for Papers

hets-online-journal(HETS Online Journal Flyer- English / Spanish)

The purpose of the HETS (Hispanic Educational Technology Services) Online Journal is to disseminate the research, findings, use and best practices in online education among those interested in this topic worldwide. The journal’s goals is to publish original, peer-reviewed and high quality scientific papers, research review, evidence-based articles, as well as other products of research in the fields of integration of technology, retention, assessment, and access and  in education to achieve student success. Click here to download the guidelines to prepare articles.  With the article, authors must submit to the HETS office the following document: HOJ Publishing Agreement (revised on June 2016).  Submission deadline for Volume VIII,  Spring Edition is March 23, 2018.

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