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Call for Articles


HETS is already publishing its articles on the new Open Journal platform for its peer-reviewed Online Journal, providing users and publishers a more user-friendly experience, with expedite evaluation process for articles, and a seamless submission process. 

In this new platform, the Online Journal will increase citation rate for the authors with Direct Object Identifier (DOI) for all published articles, and also increasing the potential for reaching other audiences.

HETS invites all those interested in publishing their articles to take advantage of this knowledge-sharing opportunity on the new dedicated and enhanced platform. Deadline for submission of articles to be considered for publication in the Volume XV, Fall Edition is Tuesday, September 24, 2024. 

HETS Online Journal has adopted an open access policy and continues providing immediate access to its content free of charge to both, readers and publishers. The journal does not pass on the cost of publication or submission of manuscripts, known as an Article Processing Charge (APC), to authors. HOJ is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA. The HOJ Publishing Agreement has been revised to be aligned with this open access policy.

Please download the new guidelines, the article template, the title sheet template, and Publishing Agreement, and follow the new steps to submit your article to the HETS Online Journal:

  • Step 2-Starting the submission: Click on the link Submit a new article.
  • Step 3-Requirements: Make sure that you meet all requirements for the submission. Click Save and Continue.
  • Step 4-Uploading: Upload the file you want to submit for journal consideration. Click Save and Continue.
  • Step 5-Choose the metadata: Include the metadata related to the article you are submitting. The system will automatically include you as an author. If there are several authors, add each author until the information for each of them is complete. You must identify one of the listed authors to serve as the contact for correspondence with the journal (one author only). Reorder the names of the authors as the group of authors agree to appear in the publication. Add the title, abstract and keywords. Click Save and Continue.
  • Step 6-Title Sheet: Please include the title sheet and any other additional files with your submission.
  • Step 7-Review submission: Review the information, and if it is correct, press Finish the submission.
  • Step 8-E-mail Confirmation: The person identified as the corresponding author will receive a confirmation e-mail that the article has been received. In addition, the main author will be able to follow the progress of the editorial process from the Journal’s web site.

Your article will help us achieve our purpose of publishing originalpeer-reviewed, and high-quality scientific papers, research reviews, and evidence-based articles, all of them with a Hispanic focus. Research in the fields of integration of technologyonline education, retentionassessment, and access to achieve student success are welcome too. We also invite young researchers, including junior faculty and graduate students to send their manuscripts.

You will now be redirected to the new dedicated platform at HETS Online Journal.

If you need additional information about the HETS Online Journal, do not hesitate to contact the HETS Office at (787) 250-1912 ext. 2372, 2373, or at (787) 616-3201.

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