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New guidelines to submit an article for publication consideration in the HOJ and Publishing Agreement will be available in the Summer of 2022.

We are currently reviewing the new guidelines to prepare articles and the HOJ Publishing Agreement. However, we encourage you to start working on your article for possible inclusion in the next issue of the HETS Online Journal. Submission deadline for Volume XIII, Fall Edition is September 30, 2022. 

Guideline modifications are part of the final phase of the HETS plan to transform its HTML-published journal into one published on an editorial platform. This phase includes facilitating the acquisition of the Direct Object Identifier (DOI) for articles and setting up the journal and author information for each and their subsequent PDF conversion, among other tasks. This new platform requires for the new guidelines to submit an article and the Publishing Agreement to be aligned with the new system and Creative Commons license recommended by the Editorial Board. Both, the new guidelines, and Publishing Agreement, will be available during the summer of 2022.

Your article will help us achieve our purpose of publishing original, peer-reviewed, and high-quality scientific papers, research reviews, and evidence-based articles, all of them with a Hispanic focus. Research in the fields of integration of technologyonline education, retentionassessment, and access to achieve student success are welcome too. We also invite young researchers, including junior faculty and graduate students to send their manuscripts.

Finally, many authors struggle with conveying methodologies, findings, and relevant implications when crafting journal articles, research briefs, or other types of scholarly manuscripts. A webinar, produced by eXtension, provides useful strategies for making your journal submissions clearer and stronger. Click here to go directly to the YouTube video of the recording.

If you need additional information about the HETS Online Journal, do not hesitate to contact the HETS office at (787) 250-1912 ext. 2372, 2373, or by mobile to (787) 616-3201.

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