Track Name Title
Access and Student Mobility Toni Hernen/ Instructor Blogging in the College Classroom
Access and Student Mobility Dr. Samuel Sudhakar – Vice President for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer Creating Value Propositions for the University Community Through the Effective Use of Information Technology Services
Access and Student Mobility Carlos Morales, PhD, President Accelerate completion: a weekend college in 18 months
Access and Student Mobility Karla González, Ph.D., M.Sc., PMP How to create a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to reach Hispanics worldwide
Access and Student Mobility Hamadi Henderson Doctoral Candidate An Intervention to Increase the Vocabulary Acquisition of English Language Learners at a Community College
Access and Student Mobility Marcos Torres-Nazario Uso de Blackboard Collaborate en la enseñanza de estadísticas en línea: Retos y posibilidades
Access and Student Mobility Dr. Douglas Bump Bump Mathematics Videos
Access and Student Mobility Dr. Andrés Padilla-Oviedo, Developmental Mathematics Instructor Quality Enhancement Plan in Developmental Mathematics Courses at a Hispanic Serving Institution in South Texas.
Access and Student Mobility Dr. Celia Cruz-Johnson, Faculty and Coordinator; Mr. Roland Montemayor, Interim Vice-President of Student Affairs; Dr. Byron Clift-Breland, College President A Hybrid (Re)Designed Developmental Reading Course with Student Support Services Collaboration
Access and Student Mobility Silvia M. Alberti Cayro, Bibliotecaria II y Coordinadora de la Cátedra José Martí “’El padre Las Casas’ en La Edad de Oro, de José Martí: textos e imágenes”
Access and Student Mobility Jane Canfield, Coordinadora de documentos federales, Bibliotecaria II y Carmen Betancourt, Directora Educación Biblioterio Virtual: acceso a tu biblioteca sin paredes y sin límite de tiempo
Access and Student Mobility Úrsula Rodrígeuz Tutoriales en línea
Access and Student Mobility Dr. Carmen Betancourt, Virtual Learning Director Prof. Jane Canfield, Librarian Virtual Library : access to your library without walls and without time limit
Assessment Victor Rodriguez/Learning and Study Strategies of Freshmen in an Urban Community College Utilizing the Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI) to Improve Learning Outcomes at an Urban Community College
Assessment Carlos Guevara (Director of Educational Technology), Kate Lyons, Kristopher Burrell, Aaron Davis, Jacqueline DiSanto, Sandy Figueroa, Sarah Hoiland, Iber Poma, Linda Ridley, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Kate Wolfe Hostos Online Learning Assessment Project (HOLA)
Assessment Dr. Ahmad Jumah, Full Professor, Dr. Juan C. Karman, Full Professor, Dra. Ana L. Román, Full Professor and Associate Director of the School of Economics. Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus. Computerized System Tk20: Challenges and Opportunities in Academic Program Assessment
Assessment Dr. Edilberto Arteaga, Associate Professor, Dra. Kenia Parga, Assistant Professor. Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus Strategies in the Alignment of an Undergraduate Program Assessment Plan and a Computerized System of Assessment.
Assessment Carlos Guevara – Director, Educational Technology & CTL Re-Imagine: Universal Design for Student Online Readiness Assessment
Retention Mr. Brian Williams, Director of The Sophomore Year Initiative S.T.E.A.R Early Warning System: Removing Student Barriers Through Enhanced Collaboration
Retention DR Rene Batiz ortiz Mejores practicas en el diseno de cursos a distancia
Retention Carlos A. Rodriguez Rosich One Stop Solution for Student Success
Retention Dra. Wilma R. Rivera-Solla Identificación de Factores Académicos en la Retención de Estudiantes de Enfermería
Retention Dr. Ramiro de la Rosa Framing Gamification: A Plan for Motivation and Retention
Retention Dr. Mary Jo Parker, Executive Director Scholars Academy / Natural Science faculty Modeling Intended STEM Success for First and Second Year First Generation Undergraduates
Retention Prof. Jessica Rogers (Substitute Full-Time Instructor) & Prof. Jason Cerrato (Substitute Full-Time Instructor) ‘Show Me Your City’: The Experiential Narrative & Critical Assessments Across Disciplines
Retention Jillian Abbott Adjunct Lecturer, Queensborough Community College and York College, CUNY Best Practice: Against the Grain, Using Technology, Social Media and Creative Writing Pedagogy to retain and engage Hispanic Students in Freshman Composition.
Retention Ediska M. Marchena “Métricas Efectivas para Ejercer un Control de Monitoreo de la Retención de la Educación Universitaria Online”
Retention Rolando Méndez Fernández, Assistant Professor Communications + Academic Director | Erica Sigmann Baker, Assistant Professor English Organizing for Student Learning and Success
Retention Prof. Nicolás Ramos, Dra. Mérida Mercado Uso de la Analítica Académica para informar la consejeria de estudiantes en riesgo
Retention Abbott, Jillian Ann and Lynch, Barbara L.; Virtual and Actual Learning Communities in the Same Classrooms Virtual and Actual Learning Communities in the Same Classrooms: A Case Study of Multiple High Impact Practices
Retention Dra. Doris V. Rodríguez Quiles MIRADA 20/20
Retention Janey Flanagan A Layered Approach to Student Retention Interventions: Course Retention Coaching for Students and Faculty
Retention Kathleen Wentrack, Ph.D., Associate Professor Students Working in Interdisciplinary Groups (SWIG): An Interdisciplinary Education Model Using Media Literacy and Peer-Led Learning
Retention Mava Craig, Vice President for Student Affairs and Michael Hutmaker, Dean for Student Affairs Boutiquing – Designing Tailored-Fitted Retention Programs for the Student Body
Retention Erwin J. Wong, Dean of Academic Programs and Instruction & Carei Thomas, Interim Director of Academic Advisement & Transfer Start Here, Accelerate Anywhere!
Retention Dr. Melissa Baralt (Professor) and Amber Lassiter (Director of the Academic Support Center) Title: Conquering Test Taking Anxiety: Exploring Positive Outcomes of Group Testing

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