Update on HETS services offered due to COVID-19

Following the guidelines of the HETS Treasurer and President of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico (our host institution), Manuel J. Fernós, Esq., since March 16 we have been working remote to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the academic community in this new scenario. Consequently, HETS staff were totally committed to continue offering our services that includes the following (click on the links to learn more):

  • A total of 23 tutorials in Spanish and English were recorded with HETS Ambassadors students and published to promote services free of charge at the Student Placita in the HETS Virtual Plaza.
  • Two Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online were held on May 1 and 8, 2020 trough Zoom to more than 500 students to reinforce their leadership skills and promote HETS services and tools totally free of charge for them.
  • A total of 10 webinars in Spanish and 4 webinars in English regarding Distance Learning were offered to more than 4,000 participants to support faculty and administrators on this new modality.
  • The Spring Issue, Volume X of the HETS Online Journal was published with nine (9) articles that offer insights and suggestions that are pertinent to our current environment.
  • Coordinated interviews with our Corporate Partners like: Inter Staff, Inc., Blackboard, COBIMET to strengthen our collaboration and promote their benefits and services.

Again, we invite you to click on the links to benefit from these services and help us promote it among your colleagues, students and anyone you estimate pertinent. If you need any additional information, send us an email to info@hets.org  or calling to the Executive Director’s cellular phone (787) 616-3201. In addition, you can follow us our social media, like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for the latest news regarding HETS. Hope we can get back soon to serve you as usual! But now, our main interest is for all our constituencies and general community to be safe.

HETS anuncia fechas del Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online (1 y 8 de mayo de 2020).

Estudiante, te invitamos los viernes, 1ro de mayo de 2020 y el 8 de mayo de 2020 a las 11:00 am (EST) a participar del HETS Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online, a través de Zoom. El propósito del evento es desarrollar el liderazgo estudiantil y tendremos como invitado al Prof. Albert Troche, miembro del Comité Asesor de HETS y al Dr. Joe Díaz, respectivamente. También, queremos promover el acceso a servicios en línea libre de costo que apoyen tu carrera profesional. Estos servicios incluyen: información sobre becas, internados, herramientas tecnológicas, prácticas de exámenes y mucho más. A su vez, queremos conocer tus intereses y necesidades para poder colaborar en la búsqueda de soluciones y servicios que te apoyen. Este evento es libre de costo, solo tienes que registrarte para recibir el enlace de Zoom para poder conectarte y participar del evento. Debido al espacio que brinda Zoom, solo podrán participar 400 estudiantes del evento en vivo. Ver los detalles del evento aquí:

Día:  viernes, 1ro de mayo de 2020  (Ver grabación aquí)
Hora: 11:00 am a 12:00 pm (EST/hora de PR)
Lugar: vía Zoom (400 espacios disponibles)

Día:  viernes, 8 de mayo de 2020 (Ver grabación aquí) (descarque presentación)
Hora: 11:00 am a 12:00 pm (EST/hora de PR)
Lugar: vía Zoom (400 espacios disponibles)

Recuerda, para participar solo tienes que registrarte para reservar tu espacio y recibir por email el enlace de Zoom y puedas conectarte. Favor compartir esta invitación con tus compañeros y amigos. Para más Información, envía email a: info@hets.org o texto o llamada al (787) 616-3201.

¡Reserva tu espacio hoy, te esperamos!

HETS launches a new series of bilingual tutorials to promote the student services available at the Student Placita of the Virtual Plaza.

In response to the new academic scenario as a result of covid-19, HETS announces the publication of new tutorials in Spanish and English to promote services of highest demand at the Student Placita in the HETS Virtual Plaza. The protagonists of these videos are some of the members of the HETS Student Ambassadors Program in Puerto Rico. A total of 12 new videos were recorded in Spanish, in addition to 11 tutorials in English. Among the Student Placita services promoted in these tutorials are: a summary of all the services of the Student Placita; access to various entrepreneurship courses; and tutorials to improve English as a second language from USA Learns; the Testing and Educational Reference Center (TERC);  which include scholarship search, test practice, and e-books to study and prepare to take these tests; the Career Transitions; topics such as the search for internships and employment, job interview simulator, resume and cover letter builder, and vocational interest tests.

The purpose of this initiative is to show how to access HETS online services so that students from our member institutions can take advantage of these in this new academic setting. All services are free of charge, can be accessed from anywhere and navigated easily. The format of these tutorials is short videos (5 minutes or less) where navigate through the different pages is performed, while listening to the HETS student ambassador narrating how to access the services and how to use them. The tutorials are also available from the Student Leadership Corner (under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” tab), on the HETS home page and our HETS YouTube channel under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” list, either in Spanish or in English. To learn more about these services or obtain your Institution password, contact HETS staff by either sending a message to info@hets.org , sending a text message or calling 787-616-3201. We are here to serve you!

HETS publica nueva serie de tutoriales bilingües para promover los servicios de la Placita de Estudiantes de su Plaza Virtual.

En respuesta a este nuevo escenario académico como resultado del covid-19, HETS anuncia la publicación de nuevos tutoriales en español y en inglés para promover los servicios de mayor demanda dentro de la Student Placita en la Plaza Virtual de HETS. Los protagonistas de estos videos son varios de los Estudiantes Embajadores de HETS en Puerto Rico. Se realizaron un total de 12 nuevos videos en español, además de 11 tutoriales en inglés. Entre los servicios de la Placita de Estudiantes promovidos en estos tutoriales está: un resumen de todos los servicios del Student Placita; acceso a diversos cursos de empresarismo; y a tutoriales para mejorar el inglés como segundo idioma de USA Learns; el Testing and Educational Reference Center; (TERC por sus siglas en inglés) que incluyen búsqueda de becas, prácticas de exámenes y los libros electrónicos para prepararse; el Career Transitions; con temas como la búsqueda de internados y empleo, simulador de entrevistas, preparación de resumes y cartas de presentación y pruebas de interés vocacional.

El propósito de esta iniciativa es mostrar cómo acceder los servicios en línea de HETS para que los estudiantes de nuestras instituciones miembros puedan tomar ventaja de estos en este nuevo escenario académico. Todos los servicios son libres de costo, se pueden acceder desde cualquier lugar y navegar de manera sencilla. El formato de estos tutoriales es videos breves (5 minutos o menos) donde se proyecta la navegación a través de las diferentes páginas, mientras se escucha al estudiante embajador de HETS narrando cómo acceder los servicios y cómo utilizarlos.

Los tutoriales también están disponibles desde el Student Leadership Corner (pestaña “Tutoriales Plaza Virtual”) en la página principal de HETS y nuestro canal de YouTube de HETS bajo el listado “Tutoriales Plaza Virtual”,  ya sea en español o en inglés. Para conocer más sobre estos servicios u obtener la clave de tu Institución, contacta al personal de HETS ya sea enviando mensaje a info@het.sorg, enviando mensaje de texto o llamando al 787-616-3201. ¡Estamos para servirles!

HETS services available online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Greetings, and we hope you are doing fine. HETS Treasurer and President of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico (our host institution), Manuel J. Fernós, Esq. has decreed an academic and administrative recess, for all its academic units and academies, from Monday, March 16 until further notice with the objective of protecting the health and well-being of the university community. This is also in support of the call of the Governor of Puerto Rico to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, HETS office will be closed until further notice, however you may still contact us sending an email to info@hets.org or calling to the Executive Director’s cellular phone (787) 616-3201. In addition, you can follow us our social media, like Twitter or Facebook for the latest news regarding HETS. Hope we can get back soon to serve you as usual! But now, our main interest is for all our constituencies and general community to be safe.

Honoring the memory of a visionary man: José María Antón, Virtual Educa’s General Secretariat.

From left to right: Yubelkys Montalvo, Manuel J. Fernós, José María Antón, Suleira Quiñonez during the Collaboration Agreement signed between HETS and Virtual Educa on February 2019

We regret to share that Virtual Educa’s General Secretariat, José María Antón died of coronavirus on Saturday in Spain. The previous week he had tested positive for Covid-19 and entered intensive care and pass away last Saturday March 21st. We are deeply sad with his loss and would like to honor his memory and highlight his leadership and commitment with education. As a visionary man and exceptional professional, José María Antón always promoted programs and initiatives for innovation in Education, as basic mechanisms for sustainable development and social transformation, especially in the Americas Latin America and the Caribbean. His guidance and important role will be deeply missed, precisely in this new academic scenario that we are living now, that he was totally committed to.

As a very important partner, HETS will continue the collaboration with Virtual Educa signed on February 2019 (click here to learn more). This agreement allows us join efforts to develop projects that link entities from Latin American, Caribbean countries and with related agencies in other regions of the world. Although José María leadership will be enormously missed, we will follow his example and continue his legacy. We send our thoughts to his family, our colleagues from Virtual Educa and all the ones who had the opportunity to work with him or meet him. Rest in peace. To read the official news visit: https://virtualeduca.org/mediacenter/comunicado-oficial-de-virtual-educa-sobre-el-fallecimiento-de-jose-maria-anton/.