Hostos Community College hosted the Student Leadership Showcase in New York.

Hostos Community College hosted the Student Leadership Showcase held on April 23, 2018 at it’s Savoy Multi-purpose Room in Bronx, New York. More than 40 students from Hostos and Lehman College member institutions, participated of this event. The main purpose was to promote the access to free of charge online student services that can support their academic goals, and be able to share their interests and needs to help us create additional support services. This time students also learned about how to maximize the use of digital identity and social media to support their academic and professional goals.

Dr. David Gómez, President, Hostos Community College (CUNY)

The event started with a warm welcome message from the host, Dr. David Gómez, President at Hostos Community College. After his remarks, Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo, HETS Executive Director, presented Ms. Débora Menieur, HETS Student Ambassador, who shared a live demonstration of HETS student services at the HETS portal and the Student Placita. During this demonstration, students had the opportunity to learn where to find information about scholarships, internships, job search, practice of standardized tests, online tools and careers tips, among other services provided by HETS.

The event continued with the speech of Mr. Marcelo Rodríguez, Digital Transformation Leader at DMP Group, about the Personal Branding during the Digital Age.  During his presentation, Rodríguez emphasized on the importance of leveraging your personal brand or professional reputation to improve your chances towards the career you want. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how to take control of their digital visibility, identifying what makes them stand out, and then telling a unique story during recruitment.

As an added value to the event, students were able to network with peers who share same interests, while HETS Executive Director learned more about their interests and needs in order to further collaborate on exploring solutions and create innovative support services. The event concluded with a raffle of prizes among the participants, and the completion of the evaluation form distributed to receive the feedback of the event and the online services presented. HETS would like to make a special recognition to the support and help of the Hostos Community College personnel, especially President Gómez and his office staff including Jewel Clarke, Dolly Martínez and Diana Kramer for their collaboration. HETS also recognizes Mr. Nelson Ortiz, Conference Center Coordinator; Carlos Guevara; and Johanna Gómez for all coordination and promotion of the event. For more details about HETS services for students through the Student Placita please contact us in our office at 787-250-1912 extensions 2373, 2372 or just email us to:

Débora Menieur, Marcelo Rodríguez and Yubelkys Montalvo.

Videos of the 2018 Best Practices Showcase presentations available in HETS YouTube Channel.

The access to the video of the Best Practices Showcased presentations during the 2018 conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico is available for the benefit of those who didn’t have the opportunity to attend. You may find them on the 2018 Best Practices Showcase webpage, under the Schedule menu.

Celebrated in February 1st and 2nd, the 2018 HETS Best Practices Showcase highlighted and celebrated the outstanding work of its member institutions featuring local and national speakers showcasing more than 24 best practices in the tracks of Access, Retention and Distance Learning. The conference opened with a President’s Panel, moderated by HETS Chair, Dr. Carlos Vargas (Southeast Missouri State University) in which, Dr. Antonio Pérez (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Dr. Gloria Baquero (National University College), Dr. Carlos Morales (TCC Connect Campus of Tarrant County College), and Dr. Omayra Caraballo on behalf of President Manuel Fernós (Inter American University of Puerto Rico) shared with the participant an remarkable discussion related to their institution’s efforts to achieve excellence in the areas focused on the conference tracks.

For more details, visit 2018 Best Practices Showcase.

Board Members celebrated its Winter Meeting along with the 2018 Best Practices Showcase in San Juan, PR.

HETS Board Members had their winter meeting in San Juan, PR at the UIPR, Metro Campus.

The HETS Board of Directors winter session was successfully celebrated in San Juan, PR concurrent with the 2018 Best Practices Showcase. Representatives of more than 25 member institutions from Puerto Rico, New York, Texas, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California were present at the meeting and agreed on the priority activities for the next semester. These events were held and hosted by the Metropolitan Campus of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, in San Juan.

The first session of the Board meeting took place on Thursday February 1st, 2018. During the first session, HETS Executive Director, Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo presented the organization’s status report and efforts to continue with planned activities and services despite the difficult circumstances and Hurricane María aftermath. Among the exiting news shared with the Board of Directors, one was the fact that seven new members join HETS.

Eastern Connecticut State University’s was welcomed as a new member. Dr. Carmen Cid, ECSU representative received the certificate.

Two of them, Eastern Connecticut State University and Houston Community College, were present and welcomed as new institutional members. Some of the efforts reported for the first half of this academic year, includes the continuation of tailored online workshop offerings, additional tools and services added to the HETS Virtual Plaza, Online Resources, and strategic alliances. In addition, members of HETS Student Committee and HETS Student Affairs consultant had the opportunity to present the results of the 2017 Student Leadership Showcase event. Also, a representative group of HETS Ambassador Students were introduced to the Board

HETS Ambassador exposed to Board Members the project’s scope and purpose.

Members and were invited to made a brief presentation and share their experiences.

Besides allowing the discussion of the key accomplishments of the organization during the first half of the 2017-2018 academic year, this meeting was crucial in the open discussion of the progress on the approved Strategic Plan of the organization from 2018 through 2020 that focus on Access, Retention and successful Completion, and Online Learning / Technology Integration. The Board also selected its Nomination Committee as elections for new officers’ approaches on June’s meeting.

A second Board session was held on February 2nd, to discuss initiatives and future plans between HETS Board members and its Corporate Partners. Board members also had the chance to network and exchange thoughts with representatives from corporate members, who participated in the corporate session. Also QS and Intelligence Unit, and Completion College Consortium were invited to present and explore possible ways to collaborate as corporate partners.

During the winter meeting, the HETS Annual Report was shared and distributed among Board Members and special guests attending this important gathering. Click here to access the PDF version of the HETS Annual Report for 2016-17 for your information and review. We look forward to continuing strengthening HETS initiatives this year to foster a greater collaboration among all of our members, affiliates and widen our partnerships with other organizations. For more information about HETS projects, please contact the HETS office at 787-250-1912 exts. 2372, 2373, or send an email to:

HETS lleva a cabo primeros adiestramientos a Estudiantes Embajadores para promover servicios disponibles a la comunidad estudiantil.

El pasado 10 de noviembre de 2017 HETS ofreció los primeros adiestramientos para Estudiantes Embajadores de HETS sobre cómo acceder los servicios disponibles. Este grupo de estudiantes líderes han sido recomendado y seleccionados por personal de su institución con el fin de promover los servicios de apoyo al estudiante en las instituciones afiliadas al Consorcio HETS.

Durante la mañana, el taller se ofreció en el Salón Laboratorio 4 del Centro de Informática y Telecomunicaciones del Recinto Metro de la Universidad Interamericana de PR. La Directora Ejecutiva, Sra. Yubelkys Montalvo y la Consultora de servicios Estudiantiles, la Dra, Karen Rivera, tuvieron la oportunidad de explicar los servicios, compartir ideas y recomendaciones con los siguientes embajadores: René Baéz (CUSJ), Ariel Ambert (EDPU- Hato Rey), Gabriel Maysonet (EDPU- Hato Rey), Tainelys Guzmán (UIPR Bayamón), Jafet Romero (UNE- SUAGM), Débora Menieur (UIPR Arecibo), Carlos Goicochea (UIPR Ponce), Solimar Güivas (ICPR Mayagüez), Ricardo Hidalgo (UIPR San Germán), Noryshka García (NUC- Rio Grande), Lemuel Tirado (UIPR Metro), Yadisa Betancourt (Politécnica), y Carlos Del Valle (NUC- Ponce). Esa misma tarde, se realizó una teleconferencia donde se atendió un grupo adicional con Embajadores de NUC Bayamón (Lisandra Hernández), Atenas College (Lisa Morales) y la Universidad Central del Caribe (Edwin Narváez). El próximo taller se ofrecerá el 15 de diciembre de 2017.

Gracias a la Fundación Francisco Carvajal, estos estudiantes serán remunerados por su rol de Embajador. En su rol realizarán actividades tales como: promover los servicios de HETS en su Institución, coordinar presentaciones o  eventos para los estudiantes, identificar contactos claves que ayuden a promover los servicios, publicar noticias y artículos en las redes sociales de su Institución bajo el #embajadoreshets, entre otros. Conozca el perfil de estos nuevos Estudiantes Embajadores de HETS en el siguiente enlace: Embajadores HETS.

Para más detalles sobre el Programa de Estudiantes Embajadores o los servicios que HETS tiene disponibles para estudiantes, puede contactarnos en el 787-766-1912 ext. 2228, 787-616-3201, o via email a .

Sobre 500 líderes estudiantiles universitarios participaron del cuarto HETS Student Leadership Showcase-

HETS celebró su cuarto HETS Student Leadership Showcase el pasado viernes, 15 de septiembre con la participación de sobre 500 líderes estudiantiles de sus 13 instituciones afiliadas en Puerto Rico, en el Teatro del Recinto Metropolitano de la Universidad Interamericana en Cupey. Durante el evento, los estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir con oradores invitados especiales y conocer la variedad de servicios que HETS tiene disponible libre de costo para apoyar sus metas académicas,  como parte de los beneficios de su membresía.

Como parte de la agenda del evento, el animador Osvaldo Friger dio una cálida bienvenida a los asistentes junto a la Rectora del Recinto Metro, la Profa. Marilina Wayland y la Directora Ejecutiva de HETS, la Sra. Yubelkys Montalvo. Acto seguido, la Ing. Lucy Crespo, CEO del Fideicomiso de Ciencias, Tecnología, e Investigación de PR, estuvo a cargo de la moderación de un panel de jóvenes emprendedores exitosos compuesto por: Lucas Arzola, Director de Operaciones de Parallel 18; Dolmarie Méndez, Co fundadora & CEO de Abartys Health; y Néstor Taveras, Co-Fundador de Brands of Puerto Rico /America. Luego de una sección de preguntas con los estudiantes presentes, la Dra. Ivonne D. Arroyo, Presidenta de FranklinCovey en Puerto Rico, compartió los principios básicos para líderes altamente efectivos. El evento cerró con la presentación de los estudiantes Rafael Beuchamp e Hiram Rivera, quienes compartieron sus experiencias en el proyecto especial con la NASA durante el pasado eclipse solar. Para concluir la agenda del evento, se presentaron los nuevos miembros del Comité Asesor de Estudiantes de HETS y la nueva iniciativa de Estudiantes Embajadores.

“Estamos muy complacidos de que por cuarta vez consecutiva pudimos realizar este encuentro de líderes universitarios para familiarizarlos con la gran cantidad de servicios gratuitos que HETS ofrece para apoyarlos en su carrera académica, y que a su vez nos ayuden a compartir esta información con los estudiantes en sus instituciones”, dijo Yubelkys Montalvo, directora ejecutiva de HETS. Como resultado de pasados eventos, HETS creó el Comité Asesor de Estudiantes que ayuda a coordinar eventos futuros y a identificar los intereses y necesidades de este grupo, para colaborar en la búsqueda de soluciones y servicios que los apoyen. Montalvo añadió que “este año dimos la bienvenida a más de 20 Estudiantes Embajadores, quienes recibirán una ayuda económica para promover los servicios para estudiantes en sus instituciones, como parte de un nuevo Programa auspiciado por la Fundación Francisco Carvajal.”

El evento finalizó con un sorteo de regalos entre los estudiantes, donde se entregaron entre otros premios, una  estadía de tres días en el Hotel Condado Plaza, cuatro pasajes cortesía de Cape Air y una laptop Lenovo, cortesía de Microsoft. Para más información sobre HETS y sus servicios puede comunicarse vía correo electrónico a, o llamando al (787) 250-1912 exts. 2373 / 2372.









First North American School of Internet Governance opened the discussion for the ICANN 61 Conference in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Goran Marby, CEO & President, ICANN

As part of the HETS collaboration with the Internet Society PR Chapter, the first North American School of Internet Governance (NASIG) took place at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, during March 7 to 9, 2018. Students from countries like United States, Puerto Rico, Armenia, Canadá, Romania, among others, participated in this in-depth capacity building event that seeks to empower the next generation of Internet leaders. This School opened the discussion for the ICANN 61 Conference, held in San Juan Puerto Rico from April 10 to 15, 2018.

Marylin Cade

Milton Muller

The curriculum of the program was set-up following NASIG 2018 slogan: Many Challenges, One Internet: Your Role. The main purpose of the first part of this program was used to put the Internet Ecosystem into context, as a global network. To highlight important Internet Governance (IG) issues, influential speakers were presented such as Dr. Milton Muller (Cyber Security), Marylin Cade (Internet Governance Scope), Olivier Crépin-Leblond (Internet Ecosystem), David Gross (Government role), Anna Loup (Gender and Diversity), among others.  NASIG

NASIG 2018 attendees in San Juan, PR

was honored to have Göran Marby, ICANN’s CEO and President, who explained the school attendees the multistakeholder model in the ICANN World. Topics of discussion were selected based on a combination of a survey sent to stakeholders in the region, as well as comments from our expert speakers.

To learn more about the happenings of NASIG per day, visit the following links:

NASIG San Juan, Newsletter- Day one (March 7, 2018)

NASIG San Juan, Newsletter- Day two (March 8, 2018)

NASIG San Juan, Newsletter- Day three (March 9, 2018)

Pictures of #NASIG2018PR events are available at

We encourage you to get involved with ICANN activities to collaborate in keeping the Internet open and safe. HETS will continue supporting and promoting these events, which benefit our membership. Follow us in our social media accounts to get notifications of further activities.


The 2018 Best Practices Showcase and Academic Fair gathered more than 25 Institutions from Puerto Rico and United States.

HETS “Celebrated Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education” with its Best Practices Showcase, bringing together more than 25 of its member institutions in Puerto Rico and United States. This event took place Thursday, February 1st and Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and allowed the Consortium to share innovative projects and best practices. This was the fifth time that HETS was able to host this event for the benefit of attendees from different Higher Education institutions.

Dr. Carlos Vargas, HETS Chair and President, SEMO during the President’s Panel.

Dr. Antonio Pérez, President, BMCC.

This year, the Conference featured local and national speakers and showcased more than 24 best practices in the tracks of Access, Retention and Distance Learning. The conference opened with a President’s Panel, moderated by HETS Chair, Dr. Carlos Vargas (Southeast Missouri State University) in which, Dr. Antonio Pérez (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Dr. Gloria Baquero (National University College), Dr. Carlos Morales (TCC Connect Campus of Tarrant County College), and Dr. Omayra Caraballo on behalf of President Manuel Fernós (Inter American University of Puerto Rico) shared with the participant an remarkable discussion related to their institution’s efforts to achieve excellence in areas of Access, Retention and Distance Learning.

In addition, as part of the Conference’s program more than best practices were shared with attendees related to the use of new technologies (such as gamification) in the classroom, new tools used to support present and online students, technologies to enhance students’ engagement and success, assessment processes, effective metrics to monitor online retention and integration of social media to the academic atmosphere among others. The videos of all presentations will be available soon at the event page in our website and also at the HETS You Tube Channel.

Dr. Juan Meléndez presented a new book on the Distance Learning in PR.

As a value added to participants, Dr. Juan “Tito” Meléndez and a group of doctorate students of the University of Puerto Rico, presented the results of their research about theory and practice of online education in Puerto Rico. Also during the conference two panel of experts, where showcased including one with the winners of each track; Dr. Carmen Cid from Eastern Connecticut State University (retention track winner and conference’s highest score), Dr. Karen González and Dr. Roxana Domenech from Universidad Metropolitana, Cupey Campus, AGMUS (access track winners), and from the Inter American Universtiy of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus, Dr. Lisbel Correa (distance learning tack winner).

Zyrux Senior class president and vice president receiving from HETS Executive Director their prize for most attendance to the Academic Fair.

As part of the conference events, HETS celebrated its Academic Fair on Thursday, February 1st, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm with more than 300 participants, including the group of the Zyrux 2018 class from the Escuela Superior Acreditada Urbana in Aguas Buenas, which were the winners of a $400 prize for being the group with the most participants attending the fair. The fair was held at the main lobby of Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus. Students and professionals interested in learning more about academic offerings to complete a college degree enjoyed and took advantage, free of charge, of this Academic Fair.

HETS would like to recognize the valuable collaboration of Mr. Manuel Fernós, Esq., HETS Treasurer and UIPR President, and Prof. Marilina Wayland, Chancellor of the Metro Campus, and her staff for hosting and made possible the success of this event while making everyone felt like home. For more information about this event, access the Conference webpage on this website, call the HETS Office at 787- 250-1912, extensions 2372 and 2373, or send an email to


2018 Best Practices Conference program and invitation to register online.

We are pleased to announce that the official Program for the 2018 HETS Best Practices Showcase, Celebrating Innovation to Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education, has been published. This event will take place during February 1st and 2nd, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A total of 23 presentations together with the Opening Session and a Special Panel with the winners of each track will showcase their best practices in the areas of: Access, Retention and Distance Learning in Higher Education. Online registration for the event is available at: Our goal is to have representation from most HETS Member Institutions, and Hispanic Serving Institutions at this event. Reserve your space today!  For more details about the conference please visit the event page using this link: 2018 Best Practices Showcase.

HETS re opens its office after Hurricane María hits Puerto Rico-

We are pleased to inform that HETS office has been operating from October 10th, 2017. HETS office remained closed since September 19, because due to the hurricane damage, electricity and Internet access were severely affected and there wasn’t any availability of it in the Island. We truly appreciate all the messages with your concerns, good thoughts, and disposition to help in the relief efforts. Our thoughts are also with all member institutions in PR, which have been affected and in some cases damaged too. Together we will achieve the unspeakable.

Regarding HETS next events, HETS Executive Committee will have a special meeting to make sure all the arrangements can be made to offer the events planned.  These events includes, HETS next board meeting that is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 1st, and Friday 2nd, 2018 at the Inter American University, in  San Juan, PR, concurrent with the Best Practices Showcase. Click here for more information about this Conference, and to access the Call for Proposals. In case of any changes, we will inform it immediately.

Our special gratitude goes to HETS Treasurer, Manuel J. Fernós and his staff at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico for all their support during this emergency. They had made possible the temporary relocation of HETS office at the UIPR Central Offices (Multiuse Room #1). You may contact us either by calling (787) 766-1912 extension 2521, our phones (you can leave a message), or via email to  In addition, HETS Executive Director will be accessible either by email, text or phone call at (787) 616-3201, in case of immediate assistance. We look forward to continue recovering to offer HETS services and initiatives this Academic Year to foster a greater collaboration among all of our members. Should you have any questions regarding HETS services or events, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.



¡Te esperamos este viernes, 15 de septiembre! Student Leadership Showcase UIPR, Recinto Metro-

Te esperamos este viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2017 en el próximo HETS Student Leadership Showcase en el Teatro de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto Metropolitano en Cupey a partir de las 8:00 am. Habrá regalos para los primeros en llegar. Nuestra meta es comenzar el evento a las 9:00 am, tal como especifica la agenda a continuación:

Este evento es libre de costo, pero los espacios son limitados.
Haz click aquí para: reservar tu espacio en línea hoy!

  • Registro expreso: para acelerar su entrada al evento, sugerimos traiga impresa su confirmación de registro en línea.
  • Registros de grupos: para facilitar el proceso de registro, la persona encargada del grupo debe entregar listado con los nombres de los participantes presentes.

De necesitar información adicional, favor de comunicarse vía email:  o teléfono al: (787) 250-1912 ext. 2372, 2373.

¡Te esperamos!     



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