HETS Executive Officers elected during their first ever virtual Board Meeting on summer 2020.

Dr. Carlos Morales, was elected HETS Chair

HETS Executive officers’ election were held during an historically virtual Board Meeting celebrated through Zoom digital platform, on June 25, 2020. More than 30 Board Members and special guests connected from Puerto Rico, United States and Colombia. As part of the meeting agenda, Dr. Carlos Morales, President, TCC Connect Campus of Tarrant County College from Texas, was elected as HETS Chair. Collaborating with Dr. Morales will be, Mr. Manuel J. Fernós, President of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, as Vice Chair, Eng. Gladys Nieves, President of EDP University as Treasurer; and Dr. Carlos Vargas, President of Southeast Missouri State University as Secretary. Elected as Regional Representatives were: Dr. Tomás Morales, President, California State University San Bernardino; Dr. Havidán Rodríguez, President, University at Albany (SUNY); and Dr. Maritza Rondón, Chancellor of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. All appointments will start term on July 1st, 2020 for two years as stated in HETS Bylaws. We would like to recognize the hard work and commitment of the past officers during their tenure. We truly appreciate that they will be continuing serving as officers in a new role. To learn more about the newly appointed Officers visit: Meet the Executive Committee.

This Board meeting ends academic year 2019-2020, an intense year for the organization and its members, as it embarked on the implementation of recently new strategies evolved as the response of the new academic reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The strategic plan framework corresponding to years 2017-2020 focused on core areas of accessretention and successful completion, and online learning / technology integration was extended for an additional year in order to complete and adapt it to our new reality and provide better support to our member institutions and its communities. 

Among the news shared with the Board were highlighted the major activities to support the organizational programmatic goals and added services such as: tailored workshops and webinar offerings; additional tools and services added to the HETS Virtual Plaza and HETS Website. Also, the results of our main events the HETS Best Practices Showcase, Student Leadership Showcase and Online Tours were presented, in which Student Ambassadors program participants shared with their peers the tools and resources free of charge available for them at the Student Placita of the HETS Virtual Plaza. Board members also welcomed representative from new member institution: Los Angeles Community College District and concluded the meeting with a virtual session with corporate members such as Blackboard, InQmatic, Inter Staff, and COBIMET.

For more information about HETS services, please visit www.hets.org, contact us via email info@hets.org or just call us at (787) 616-3201.

Call for Articles for the Volume XI of HETS Online Journal in another special collaboration with HACU

Dr. Carlos Vargas, HETS Chair

I am pleased to announce the call for articles for the Volume XI of HETS Online Journal in another special collaboration with HACU. This is a result of a successful Fall 2019 Issue publication together. This joint effort highlighted both organizations shared missions to facilitate the success of Hispanic students in higher education, particularly on this new academic scenario due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We invite you to download the guidelines to submit your article for this Fall Issue is on or before September 25, 2020. Your submission should be an original work either in English or Spanish. Just send it to the HETS office via e-mail to: info@hets.org. The HETS Online Journal is included in EBSCO Publishing’s databases, and its mail goal of is share best practices and the latest information in higher education and showcase the exciting work being done by our colleagues.



This time, this special collaboration welcome Dr. Marcela G. Cuellar from the University of California, Davis, who will represent HACU as invited editor. Dr. Cuellar will work with the Editor in Chief, Pamela Vargas, and members of

Dr. Antonio R. Flores, HACU President & CEO

the Editorial Board: Dr. Ana Milena Lucumi, Mr. Sunil Gupta, Dr. Manuel Correa, Dr. Carlos Morales, Mr. Carlos Guevara, Dr. Juan “Tito” Meléndez, Prof. Pura Centeno. These members accepted the challenge of reviewing and select the articles among the many impressive submissions received.

We invite new reviewers to join this effort. To be considered to serve as a reviewer, please submit a letter of recommendation from your dean or vice president, along with a copy of your curriculum vitae to info@hets.org by August 31, 2020. Subject matter experts from both organizations are encouraged to apply to become reviewers for this edition of the Journal. Experts on the following topics are needed: integration of technology, online education, retention, assessment, and access to achieve student success. To learn more about the peer review process, visit: HOJ Review Process.

We encourage you to share these opportunities with your colleagues to either consider submitting an article to share their knowledge and experience or to serve as a reviewer. For additional information about the Journal and this special edition, please contact HETS staff at (787) 616-3201 or via email at info@hets.org.

HETS anuncia fechas del Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online (1 y 8 de mayo de 2020).

Estudiante, te invitamos los viernes, 1ro de mayo de 2020 y el 8 de mayo de 2020 a las 11:00 am (EST) a participar del HETS Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online, a través de Zoom. El propósito del evento es desarrollar el liderazgo estudiantil y tendremos como invitado al Prof. Albert Troche, miembro del Comité Asesor de HETS y al Dr. Joe Díaz, respectivamente. También, queremos promover el acceso a servicios en línea libre de costo que apoyen tu carrera profesional. Estos servicios incluyen: información sobre becas, internados, herramientas tecnológicas, prácticas de exámenes y mucho más. A su vez, queremos conocer tus intereses y necesidades para poder colaborar en la búsqueda de soluciones y servicios que te apoyen. Este evento es libre de costo, solo tienes que registrarte para recibir el enlace de Zoom para poder conectarte y participar del evento. Debido al espacio que brinda Zoom, solo podrán participar 400 estudiantes del evento en vivo. Ver los detalles del evento aquí:

Día:  viernes, 1ro de mayo de 2020  (Ver grabación aquí)
Hora: 11:00 am a 12:00 pm (EST/hora de PR)
Lugar: vía Zoom (400 espacios disponibles)

Día:  viernes, 8 de mayo de 2020 (Ver grabación aquí) (descarque presentación)
Hora: 11:00 am a 12:00 pm (EST/hora de PR)
Lugar: vía Zoom (400 espacios disponibles)

Recuerda, para participar solo tienes que registrarte para reservar tu espacio y recibir por email el enlace de Zoom y puedas conectarte. Favor compartir esta invitación con tus compañeros y amigos. Para más Información, envía email a: info@hets.org o texto o llamada al (787) 616-3201.

¡Reserva tu espacio hoy, te esperamos!

HETS Leadership Perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ever since its inception in 1993, the Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS), formerly known as Hispanic Educational Telecommunications System, has been a pioneer in supporting the development of distance learning initiatives across colleges and universities in Puerto Rico, mainland United States, and Latin America. Although HETS support and value has been widely known among it’s members for more than 25 years, the organization’s goal is to increase it’s relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers of the HETS Board of Directors, constituted by the presidents or designated representatives of each member institution, were interviewed to learn their perspective about the impact of HETS membership on their institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this HETS Leadership Perspectives series, interviews in Spanish and English were held with HETS Chair, Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto, President of Southeast Missouri State University, and Vice Chair Dr. Carlos Morales, President of Tarrant County College Connect Campus. HETS also conducted interviews in Spanish with Manuel J. Fernós, President of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, HETS Treasurer and one of HETS’s first officers, and Eng. Gladys Nieves, President of EDP University of Puerto Rico, HETS Secretary. During these interviews, HETS Officers agreed that services provided during the COVID-19 pandemic, including tutorials on how to use technology and access online services, peer reviewed articles sharing best practices and free webinars about distance learning, were crucial and valuable in this new academic scenario. As a result of the pandemic, officers visualize HETS present and future most important and essential than ever, as a pioneer organization in the use of technology in higher education with enormous expertise and services ready to use.

Interviewed HETS officers also spoke about their relationship with HETS and highlighted multiple services that result in great returning on investment of its membership, like the online student support services available at the Student Placita, the professional development training and events for faculty and administrators, and the networking opportunities with other institutions during the board meetings and events. To conclude, presidents invited other institutions to benefit from HETS, as a unique organization that fosters Hispanic/Latino student success in Higher Education through the strategic integration of technology.

To continue its efforts, on June 26th, presidents from different institutions in Puerto Rico, United States, and Latin America will participate in a HETS virtual panelThey have been invited to share their expertise and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts on the future of Higher Education, from the perspective of their academic communities and student populations. The panel will include presidents from a community college (Dr. David Gómez, President, Hostos Community College, CUNY), a 4-year public university (Dr. Tomás Morales, President, California State University San Bernardino) a private university in US (Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto, President, Southeast Missouri State University) one in PR (Manuel J. Fernós, Esq. President, Inter American University of PR) and one International institution (Dr. Maritza Rondón, Chancellor, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia). The panel moderator, Dr. Carlos Morales, President of Tarrant County College Connect Campus, will guide the discussion and the Q & A session with participants. The event is free of charge. The only requirement is to register online to participate.

For additional information, send an email to info@hets.org  or call to phone (787) 616-3201. For the latest news regarding HETS, visit hets.org or its social media accounts, hetsorg on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Update on HETS services offered due to COVID-19

Following the guidelines of the HETS Treasurer and President of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico (our host institution), Manuel J. Fernós, Esq., since March 16 we have been working remote to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the academic community in this new scenario. Consequently, HETS staff were totally committed to continue offering our services that includes the following (click on the links to learn more):

  • A total of 23 tutorials in Spanish and English were recorded with HETS Ambassadors students and published to promote services free of charge at the Student Placita in the HETS Virtual Plaza.
  • Two Student Leadership Showcase Tour Online were held on May 1 and 8, 2020 trough Zoom to more than 500 students to reinforce their leadership skills and promote HETS services and tools totally free of charge for them.
  • A total of 10 webinars in Spanish and 4 webinars in English regarding Distance Learning were offered to more than 4,000 participants to support faculty and administrators on this new modality.
  • The Spring Issue, Volume X of the HETS Online Journal was published with nine (9) articles that offer insights and suggestions that are pertinent to our current environment.
  • Coordinated interviews with our Corporate Partners like: Inter Staff, Inc., Blackboard, COBIMET to strengthen our collaboration and promote their benefits and services.

Again, we invite you to click on the links to benefit from these services and help us promote it among your colleagues, students and anyone you estimate pertinent. If you need any additional information, send us an email to info@hets.org  or calling to the Executive Director’s cellular phone (787) 616-3201. In addition, you can follow us our social media, like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for the latest news regarding HETS. Hope we can get back soon to serve you as usual! But now, our main interest is for all our constituencies and general community to be safe.

HETS launches a new series of bilingual tutorials to promote the student services available at the Student Placita of the Virtual Plaza.

In response to the new academic scenario as a result of covid-19, HETS announces the publication of new tutorials in Spanish and English to promote services of highest demand at the Student Placita in the HETS Virtual Plaza. The protagonists of these videos are some of the members of the HETS Student Ambassadors Program in Puerto Rico. A total of 12 new videos were recorded in Spanish, in addition to 11 tutorials in English. Among the Student Placita services promoted in these tutorials are: a summary of all the services of the Student Placita; access to various entrepreneurship courses; and tutorials to improve English as a second language from USA Learns; the Testing and Educational Reference Center (TERC);  which include scholarship search, test practice, and e-books to study and prepare to take these tests; the Career Transitions; topics such as the search for internships and employment, job interview simulator, resume and cover letter builder, and vocational interest tests.

The purpose of this initiative is to show how to access HETS online services so that students from our member institutions can take advantage of these in this new academic setting. All services are free of charge, can be accessed from anywhere and navigated easily. The format of these tutorials is short videos (5 minutes or less) where navigate through the different pages is performed, while listening to the HETS student ambassador narrating how to access the services and how to use them. The tutorials are also available from the Student Leadership Corner (under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” tab), on the HETS home page and our HETS YouTube channel under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” list, either in Spanish or in English. To learn more about these services or obtain your Institution password, contact HETS staff by either sending a message to info@hets.org , sending a text message or calling 787-616-3201. We are here to serve you!