Pleased to announce our newest partner, CampusCare!

Dear HETS member and collaborator,

We are pleased to announce our newest partner, CampusCare, which provides students with immediate 24/7/365 access to general health care and mental health care through state of the art and strategic telehealth technology. CampusCare offers remote access (telehealth) to general medical doctors and mental health counselors 24/7/365 from anywhere in the U.S. and/or Puerto Rico, students are empowered to take control of their physical and mental health through their mobile devices, computers, and online video.

CampusCare works with providers such as Teladoc, one of the largest telehealth technology providers in the United States providing general medical services to over 40 million members. CampusCare also works with Health Advocate (a nationwide provider to 12,500 organizations), to provide the best in immediate mental health services for students. Additionally, CampusCare provides low-cost pharmaceuticals through CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

As an organization focuses on the integration of technology, HETS is looking forward to working together with CampusCare to support Hispanic student access to health care and mental health care through telehealth technology. Its President, Julie Weissert and its Vice President, John Ingham, will join us at the HETS Best Practices Showcase in February 2022 at the Inter American University, Metropolitan Campus. Both of them are eager to meet HETS Member Institutions to learn more about how CampusCare can collaborate.

We are looking forward to continuing to strengthen HETS initiatives and widen our partnerships with organizations like CampusCare, as we continue developing new strategies to innovate and support our affiliates. For more information on how CampusCare can help your institution, we invite you to reach out to:

• Julie Weissert, President at 214-537-5093 or
• John Ingham, Vice President of Operations at 214-334-2207 or
• Sam Willis, Vice President of Finance at
• Carey Gipson, Senior VP of Compliance at