HETS team strengthens with the appointment of a new Executive Assistant

We are pleased to announce that the HETS team strengthens with the appointment of Ms. Tish Zambrana as the new Executive Assistant. Although Tish recently received her MBA in Business Administration in Strategic Management from EDP University of Puerto Rico, her work experience and skills are remarkable. Her expertise includes business strategic planning, development, and execution of production plans, training coordination, contract reviewing, human resource, public relations, press materials, and finance.

Tish’s work experience includes working in the Hospitality and Restaurants Industry for the past 12 years as a trainer, personnel recruiter, executive administrator, coordination, and budget analyst. Prior to this, Tish served as compliance reviewing business permits, OSHA, EEOC, confidential material, and constancy communication with 3rd parties and suppliers. She was responsible for research, business presentations, supervision, log contracts, and communications to multiple departments and companies. Also, she is passionate about arts, project planning, and helping other people.

We feel incredibly delighted to welcome Tish to our family to complement our team of outstanding collaborators! With her support, we hope to continue offering quality services and continue moving forward to the accomplishment of our mission. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the HETS Office.