New Executive Committee elected during summer 2016 Board Meeting in New York.

Dr. Carlos Vargas has been elected as new HETS Chair.

Dr. Carlos Vargas has been elected as new HETS Chair.

President of Southeast Missouri State University, Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto, was elected as new HETS Chair during the annual summer Board Meeting celebrated at Lehman College, NY on June 28-29, 2016. Collaborating with Vargas as HETS Board of Officers will be Dr. Gloria Baquero, President of National University College reelected as Vice Chair; Mr. Manuel J. Fernós, President Inter American University of Puerto Rico, elected as Treasurer; and Dr. David Gómez, President, Hostos Community College (CUNY), who will serve for the first time at the Executive Committee, as Regional Representative for the East Coast. Additional reelections includes; Eng. Gladys Nieves, President of EDP University as Secretary; Dr. Carlos Morales, President of TCC Connect at Tarrant County College in Texas; and Dr. Lorena Meza, Vice President for Student Affairs, California State University San Marcos as Regional Representatives for the Central and West areas respectively. All appointments started term on July 1st, 2016 for two years as stated in HETS Bylaws except for the Vice Chair, Secretary, Central and West Regional Representatives which were reelected for a one year term. To learn more about recently elected HETS Board Officers please visit: Meet the Executive Committee.

Summer Board Meeting closes the fourth year of HETS Strategic Plan.

Boardmembersjune2016LC-R1With attendance of 22 presidents and representatives from our institutional members; HETS celebrated its summer Board Meeting on June 28 and 29, 2016 at Lehman College in New York. The Board meeting closes the academic year 2015-2016 with positive report on our Strategic plan results, and envisioning numerous new projects for next academic year, including further development of the recently implemented HETS Commons initiative.

Among the news HETS shared with the Board were highlighted the major activities to support the organizational programmatic goals such as: the development of tailored online workshop offerings; additional tools and services added to the HETS Virtual Plaza, also a summary of the Student Leadership Showcases held in PR and NYC, the 2016 Best Practices Showcase Conference, and the election of new Board Officers. Other HETS initiatives shared with the Board included; the results of the Online Journal publication and approval of its publishing agreement, HETS Spanish online workshops and the self-paced online workshops in English.

During the second day of meeting, HETS Chair Fernós welcomed Mr. Matt Baker, Education Head at Dialpad Inc. who recently accepted our invitation to become one of our Corporate Members. In addition to Dialpad, representatives from Transworld Systems shared with Board Members their latest trends to support Hispanic Serving Institutions and its educational community.

To close the meeting, after the Corporate Session, HETS recognized its Outstanding Leadership who have served the Hispanic community at their institutions and will be retiring this academic year.  Lehman College collaborated with a fine farewell lunch and live talented musicians to honor: Dr. Ricardo Fernández, President, Lehman College (CUNY); Dr. Dario A. Cortés, Vice President and former President, Berkeley College; Mr. Alberto Maldonado-Ruíz, Esq., Chancellor Universidad del Este (AGMUS); and Dr. Michael Kress, Vice President, IT, College of Staten Island (CUNY). We wish you all the best!

We look forward to continue strengthening our HETS initiatives the upcoming year to foster a greater collaboration among all of our affiliates and widen our partnerships with other organizations, as we continue developing new strategies to innovate and support our services. For more information about HETS projects, please contact the HETS office anytime via email or at 787-250-1912 extensions 2372 or 2373.




HETS celebrates its Student Leadership Showcase in New York at John Jay College-


Main Speaker of the event, Minué Yoshida


Yubelkys Montalvo and Will Simpkins from JJC during welcoming remarks to attendees.

On April 15, 2016, HETS celebrated, for the second time in New York City, the HETS Student Leadership Showcase, this time at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Students participated from institutions like: Borough of Manhattan Community College, Inter American University of Puerto Rico’s Center for Recruitment and Students at NY, John Jay College, LaGuardia Community College Lehman College, Berkeley College, Bronx Community College, and Stella and Charles Guttman Community College took advantage of this event celebrated for HETS member institutions student leaders of the north east region.

The main purpose of this event was to promote free of charge access to student services online provided by HETS that can support their academicMonicaMercado YelixaCastrogoals and share with them topics about how to use technology to maximize their resources. Those services were presented by Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo, HETS Executive Director, with Yelixa Castro and Mónica Mercado, HETS staff. During the event students were invited to be part of the HETS Student Advisory Committee to work hand in hand with the Committee established in Puerto Rico. Students were also encouraged to submit proposals of any innovative project developed by them or their peers to be showcased in future students’ events.


Amy Soricelly, Assist. VP, Career Services and Alumni Relations from Berkeley College

The main speaker of the event was Ms. Minué Yoshida-Aydelott, who talked about how your Multicultural Background will help you Succeed.  Later, Amy Soricelli, Assistant Vice President, Career Services and Alumni Relations from Berkeley College; explained attendees how LinkedIn maximize your Networking Opportunities; and finally, Mr. Ronald Bautista, Digital Marketing Strategist at Grupo Parada talked about Personal Branding, and learn how to take control your online visibility to tell your unique story on Social Media.

The event closed with the student recommendation session, which will allow HETS to learn more about student interests and needs to collaborate on exploring solutions to create additional support services. This session was followed by a raffle of gift cards and lunch. HETS recognizes and appreciates JJC staff, especially Dr. James Llana, Associate Provost and his assistant, Alison Orlando, which collaborated with the setup of their outstanding facilities. We also appreciated BMCC support for the recording of the event, and the speakers who share their expertise and experiences with our students.  These videos will be available soon at


Ronald Bautista from Grupo Parada

HETS YouTube channel.

On September 30, 2016 the HETS Student Leadership Showcase in Puerto Rico will be celebrated at the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus. For more information about this event and other HETS services, please visit, or contact us via email or just call us at (787) 250-1912 exts. 2372 / 2373.

Presenting our newest service: HETS Commons! Creating Communities, Enabling Dialogue and Collaboration.

HETS Commons Logo_Option_3We are pleased to announce our new service: HETS Commons! Just go to and join this exclusive community today. The purpose of HETS Commons is to provide a social-networking platform that seeks to establish and provide a space for collaboration and exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices among all HETS member institutions. HETS appreciates your support with this new project. The HETS Commons is powered by the CBOX (similar to the CUNY Academic Commons) and WordPress multi-sites, and offers a variety of features, including blogs, groups, member profiles, discussion forums, and wiki pages, the Commons provides you with tools to create your own networks, connect to your colleagues, and share your projects with the larger HETS community and the wider public.

To join just click on the HETS Commons logo in our homepage or  the promotional banner (see image below). Registration requires a .edu email address, though you are welcome to associate another email address with your account after your profile has been created. We encourage you to invite your colleagues to the HETS Commons after your account becomes active, so they can benefit from this service as well.

Credits: Instructions adapted from the CUNY Academic Commons Tour (

HETS Commons Banner_550x200

HETS Welcomes New Institutional and Corporate Members.

HETS also rejoices by extending its connection in Puerto Rico, and Missouri by welcoming American University of Puerto Rico, Southeast Missouri State University and corporate member Lighthouse Translations. We are delighted that they accepted our invitation to join our consortium.  Below a brief profile of each for your consideration.

Southeast Missouri State UniversityFounded in 1873, Southeast Missouri State University provides a comprehensive education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and practical experience. By emphasizing student-centered and experiential learning, the University prepares individuals to participate responsibly in a global and technologically advanced world. Internships and real-world learning are offered in all majors. By anticipating the skills and knowledge the marketplace will need, we ensure that our students are ready to launch extraordinary careers. With an enrollment of 12,000 students, the University is an ideal size to take advantage of critical learning and extracurricular opportunities. The main campus is located in Cape Girardeau. Other campuses include Kennett, Malden, Sikeston, and the River Campus. More than 30 online degree programs are also offered. Recently appointed, President, Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto, immediately accepted HETS invitation to join the consortium and participated of the winter’s Board Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

AUPRAmerican University of Puerto Rico, University of America, emerged as post-secondary educational institution in 1963. In 1978 the institution became a four-year college and took the name of American College of Puerto Rico. In 1982 received the accreditation of all its programs and certification the Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico who visited them along with the Middle States Association and the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools. Between 1986 to 1988 the institution was re-accredited by three agencies and was given permission to change its name to American University of Puerto Rico coinciding with the celebration its 25th anniversary. In 1997 created the Bachelor’s and associate degree of Criminal Justice. In 2001 began offering master’s degree in Criminal Justice, followed by others in the areas of education and business administration. Eventually the University is preparing to enter post-graduate studies.

LighthouseIn addition, Lighthouse Translations joined HETS as a corporate member. This company had provided simultaneous translation services during HETS Best Practices Showcase and decided that they also wanted to be part of our initiatives for the benefit of our members. Lighthouse has been offering accurate professional and accurate conference interpreting and translation services since 2003. They have more than twelve years of combined experience in event planning and project management that we bring to the area of Conference Interpretation. For more information about Lighthouse Translations please visit their website: Welcome to our newest members!

HETS estrena tutoriales en español para promover los servicios de la Placita para Estudiantes en su Plaza Virtual.


HETS anuncia nuevos tutoriales en español para promover los servicios de mayor demanda dentro de la Placita para Estudiantes, a través de la sección Student Placita en la Plaza Virtual de HETS, y en el Student Leadership Corner (pestaña “Tutoriales Plaza Virtual”). Los protagonistas de estos videos fueron varios de los miembros del Comité Asesor de Estudiantes de HETS, junto al personal de HETS, incluyendo la Coordinadora de Servicios de apoyo al Estudiante. Los videos fueron posibles gracias a la colaboración del equipo del New Media Center en la Universidad del Este en Carolina; quienes produjeron, grabaron y editaron los videos.


Ernesto González, (UT, SUAGM) durante su grabación de video.


Albert Troche (UIPR, San Germán) en su grabación de servicios HETS para estudiantes.

Los servicios de la Placita de Estudiantes promovidos en estos videos son: (1) el Testing and Educational Reference Center (TERC por sus siglas en inglés) que incluyen prácticas de exámenes y los libros electrónicos para prepararse, además de búsqueda de becas; (2) además del Career Transitions con búsqueda de empleo, simulador de entrevistas, preparación de resumes y cartas de presentación, entre otros recursos; (3) sección de Internados dentro y fuera de PR; (4) las herramientas y recursos para el área de STEM; y (5) diversos cursos de Empresarismo preparados por Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Esta iniciativa surge para apoyar a los estudiantes de las instituciones miembros de HETS que habían expresado su deseo de contar con una idea más clara de estos servicios en una versión en español. Algunos de estos tutoriales estaban disponibles en la Plaza Virtual, pero en inglés.


Mónica Mercado (UPR) y Radamés Barreto, técnico de la UNE preparando audio.

En los videos se proyecta la navegación a través de las diferentes páginas, mientras se escucha al estudiante narrando los pasos a seguir para acceder los servicios y como utilizarlos. Los videos también están accesibles a través de la sección Student Placita en la Plaza Virtual de HETS, o en el canal de You Tube de HETS bajo el listado “Tutoriales en español- Plaza Virtual”. Si desea coordinar una visita a su campus para brindar un breve taller o presentación sobre los servicios disponibles para estudiantes, favor comunicarse con la Sra. Karen Rivera a través de correo electrónico:, o directamente a la oficina de HETS a o por el 787-250-1912 extensiones 2372 o 2373. ¡Estamos para servirles!



Desarrollando mi liderazgo con HETS-


Beverly Álvarez Torres, miembro comité asesor de estudiantes de HETS y autora del ensayo Desarrollando mi liderazgo con HETS.

Logo comite estudiantes

Beverly Álvarez Torres, estudiante de Biología de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto de San Germán, nos cuenta en su escrito su experiencia como miembro del comité asesor de estudiantes:

A través de los años, muchas culturas se han destacado a nivel mundial gracias a sus contribuciones a la sociedad, tales como Roma con el desarrollo de los sistemas de alcantarillados o China con la magnífica imprenta. Aunque estos eventos son de vital importancia para la humanidad, todos comparten el factor de sus comienzos,  fueron pequeños grandes pasos.

     Como líder, mi deseo es dejar un legado del cual todos puedan aprender y utilizar como guía. Es en este punto donde HETS pasa a formar parte de mi vida. Desde el instante que supe todo lo excepcional que ésta organización ofrece al estudiantado, sentí que debía formar parte de ella. Hoy reafirmo que la decisión que tomé fue la correcta.

Comencé por asistir a una charla de orientación acerca de los servicios ofrecidos y cómo estos podrían ser de gran provecho para todo estudiante sin importar su área de estudio. Fue allí donde informaron que estaban aceptando solicitudes de estudiantes interesados en pertenecer al Comité Asesor, un grupo de jóvenes con el propósito de hacer oír la voz de cada estudiante y así contribuir a satisfacer sus necesidades mediante actividades y talleres presenciales o vía internet. Solicité y tuve la dicha de ser aceptada. Desde ese momento mis características como líder han crecido exponencialmente. Gracias a los talleres ofrecidos por la organización y a la participación activa en distintos tipos de actividades, he podido:

  • desarrollar destrezas de hablar en público
  • adquirir conocimiento acerca de herramientas facilitadoras para el estudiantado
  • realizar “networking” con colegas en distintas instituciones educativas a nivel isla

     La ventaja va más allá, ya que todo lo aprendido lo he alojado a mi carrera profesional, logrando así presentar varias veces las investigaciones científicas que he desarrollado. Por otro lado, HETS ha sido parte de mi motivación para continuar ejerciendo como líder en actividades para la comunidad como monitores de calidad de agua, la creación de una finca familiar dedicada al cultivo de productos orgánicos, y a desarrollar el primer Club de Leones Universitario perteneciente a la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto  Rico, Recinto de San Germán.

     Los invito a ser parte de esta aventura y a descubrir de lo que somos capaces los estudiantes enfocados en alcanzar el éxito.


Beverly Álvarez y Albert Troche junto a un grupo de participantes durante su presentación de servicios accesibles a través de la Plaza Virtual en el Student Leadership Showcase, UIPR, Recinto Metro.

Para más información sobre el Comité Asesor de Estudiantes HETS puedes comunicarte a nuestra oficina al 787-250-1912 exts. 2372 ,2373 o vía correo electrónico a

Best Practices to Support the Success of Latino Student Event Gathered HETS Experts from Member Institutions in the West Coast-

csusmHETS and one of its member institutions, California State University, San Marcos and its Student Affairs Office; celebrated on March 24 an event, with a special focus on California State University campuses best practices to support the success of our Latino students. This was a very productive meeting where more than 20 attendees from California State University representatives from: Domiguez Hills, Fullerton, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Monterey Bay, San Bernardino, and San Marcos, discussed best practices they have adopted and shared the lessons learned during their implementation.

The event opened with the welcoming remarks from Dr. Lorena Meza, Vice Lorena Meza_CSUSMpresident, Student Affairs at California State University San Marcos. She presented special invitees from Borough of Manhattan Community College Dr. MarvaMarva Craig_Michael Hutmaker_BMCC Craig, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dr. Michael Hutmaker, who presented their best practice on retention titled: Boutiquing – Designing Tailored-Fitted Retention Programs for the Student BodyLater, Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo, HETS Consortium Executive Director, talked about HETS Services featuring a HETS Commons Webinar directed by Carlos Guevara, HETS Carlos GuevaraCollaborator from Hostos Community College. Mr. Guevara explained the purpose of this new service available to HETS members which is provide a social-networking platform that seeks to establish and provide a space for collaboration and exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices among all HETS member institutions.


The event continued with best practices presented by Shari McMahan, Deputy Provost, and Sunny Sunny Moon_CSUFullertonMoon, Interim Director Institutional Research and Analytical Studies at California State University who presented their strategies to Increasing Student Success at California State University Fullerton; likewise Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Associate Professor/MASP Coordinator, Sociology CSU, San Marcos presented CSUSM P.A.S.O. Validation Theory and finally, Catherine Haras, Director for the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning CSU, Los Angeles shared their Course Redesign with Technology Initiative.

HETS would like to recognize CSUMS’s staff that helped with the setup and logistics of their outstanding facilities and the live transmission and recording of the event. For more information about HETS services, or contact us via email or just call us at (787) 250-1912 exts. 2372 or 2373.


Visite el portal oficial del XVII Encuentro Internacional Virtual Educa en Puerto Rico.

VE 2016HETS en su colaboración con el Departamento de Estado de PR, se complace en invitarles a que visiten el portal oficial del evento XVII Encuentro Internacional Virtual Educa. Este evento tendrá como sede el Centro de Convenciones de la Ciudad de San Juan, Puerto Rico los días 20-24 de junio de 2016.

El Encuentro acogerá aproximadamente unas 10,000 personas y será el escenario para presentar proyectos e iniciativas emblemáticas de Puerto Rico y sus Instituciones en temas educativos de k-12 como de educación superior, ciencias, tecnología, investigación, innovación, conectividad e internacionalización, entre otras áreas. A tenor con lo antes expuesto, es importante que las Instituciones de Educación Superior y Postsecundaria Técnico Profesional, sometan en o antes del 20 de abril de 2016 un listado con las Iniciativas emblemáticas que interesan presentar en el XVII Encuentro Internacional Virtual Educa. Para más detalles sobre los temas y ejemplos de proyectos que pueda someter visite: Call for Papers Virtual Educa 2016 .

Si está interesado en participar en el Encuentro internacional puede realizar su registro desde este portal hasta el 10 de junio de 2016. Rigen condiciones especiales para los educadores y nacionales de Puerto Rico. Para más detalles de este evento puede contactar a:

Luzaury Jiménez-Casanova
Coordinadora del Programa Campus Puerto Rico
Coordinadora del Instituto de Capacitación Técnica- PUERTAS
Secretaría de Estado Adjunto, Departamento de Estado de PR
Tel: 787-722-2121  (x 4354)
web CPR:


HETS Appoints Coordinator of Student Support Services.

profileKarenRiveraDFor 23 years of service, HETS has been promoting its services to enhance student’s success and opportunities in Higher Education. To complement and strengthen this efforts, HETS hired Ms. Karen Rivera Díaz as Coordinator of Student Support Services on January, 2016, based on her experience and expertise. We feel incredibly privileged to welcome Karen to our family!

For 12 years Ms. Rivera Díaz held positions related to the area of student services in higher education institutions. She was mentor of the Universidad del Este (Carolina) student council for three years. She has also has been speaker on subjects related to student leadership and has led restructuring processes of student services at the institutions she has worked. Karen has a Business Administration master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and is currently in the process of doctoral dissertation, in the area of human resources, at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

Among Ms. Rivera’s tasks, we can highlight the promotion of HETS student services available at its Virtual Plaza, and identify new services aimed to enrich the Student Placita area. Ms. Rivera will be working with the HETS staff and Student Advisory Committee to develop new initiatives for the benefit of the student community at our member institutions. In addition, she already started to contact our members in Puerto Rico to schedule tailored presentations and hands on training depending of the needs and requests of each institution.

Should you want to coordinate a visit to your campus and take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Ms. Rivera via email: or directly to the HETS office at 787-250-1912 extensions 2372 or 2373. We hope to continue offering you quality services and continue moving forward to the accomplishment of our mission.

Our Members