H-LTLA Faculty

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The H-LTLA faculty convened leaders in the higher education community from various areas, who will help fill the gaps in the participant’s expertise and experience through synchronous presentations of eight different topics. To read a brief biography about H-LTLA faculty members, click on the link in their name.

Mr. Francisco García

Director of the Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology (COLTT), The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Curriculum Topic: Academic Technology

Mr. Carlos Guevara, M.S.

Director of Office of Educational Technology, Co-Director of Center for Teaching and Learning, Hostos Community College (CUNY)

Curriculum Topic: Online Learning

Dr. Juan Meléndez-Alicea

Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, and member of the Systemic
Distance Education Advisory Board

Dr. Ana Milena Lucumi

Innovation Learning Design Manager, GEEO and Graduated Faculty at NUC University

Curriculum Topic: Teaching and Learning (Spanish Track)

Dr. Carlos Morales

HETS Chair & founding President of TCC Connect Campus, Tarrant County College District

Curriculum Topic: Project Management

Dr. Alice J. Casanova

Institutional Academic Dean of Distance Education. EDP University

Curriculum Topic: Professional Development (Spanish Track)

Mr. Javier F. Zavala Quiñones

Director of the Office of Planning, Institutional Studies and
Accreditation, University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón

Curriculum Topic: Data for Digital Learning

Dr. Wilfredo Nieves

President Emeritus, Capital Community College

Curriculum Topic: Administration & Quality

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