Karli Martin, M.S.

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Carlos Albizu University

Ms. Karli Martin is a clinical psychology doctoral student at Albizu University in Miami, Florida. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from SUNY Oneonta in New York. Her clinical interests include neuropsychological assessment, behavior therapy, traumatic brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, dementia, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. She enjoys hiking, bowling and relaxing at home with her two dogs for self-care. Karli aspires to learn more about a variety of cultures through her work and travel.

Contact information:
Email: kmartin002@sunmail.albizu.edu

Hispanic Students and Online Learning: Factors of Success.

By: Floralba Arbelo, Ed.D; Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus
Karli Martin, M.S.; Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at Carlos Albizu University; and
Ailema Frigerio, PsyD; School Psychologist, Miami Dade Public Schools




This study focused on understanding Hispanic post traditional college students’ perceptions of the factors of success in an online learning environment at a Hispanic Serving Institution in the United States. Survey, interview, and focus group data indicate that Hispanic post traditional students assert that hybrid learning, social interactions, faculty communication, and independent learning behaviors contribute to successful outcomes in online learning.  Furthermore, Hispanic students learn best when engaged with peers and faculty, have access to a brick and mortar institution with support services, and consider face to face interaction important to their learning experiences.