Faculty & Administrators Placita

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Tools, Resources, and Tips about teaching, technology and productivity in a higher education scenario to improve skills to better serve Hispanics pursuing a degree.


  • Collaborative Initiatives – On December 2003, four out of six projects evaluated received a HETS-LAAP grant for program development. These focus in the areas of Cross-Cultural Health Care, Security Management, Bilingual Journalism, and Online Learning Support for Non-Native English Speakers. The first three were certificate programs and/or minors, while the last one, Hispanic Online Learning Access (HOLA) Project, will be an online student support service.

Professional Development

Professional development is an important activity for faculty. In some cases, lack of time and incentives becomes an issue when searching for sites that provide proper help.  The following sections intend to help faculty members and administrators overcome this obstacle.

Hispanic Educational Research

With this section HETS wishes to help overcome the lack of time to search and read latest research papers related with issues with Hispanic  students education and how faculty and administrators can better serve them. Many institutions seek to develop online programs thus a section that  focuses on e-learning is included.


Sometimes administrators at institutions of higher education do not have sufficient sources to enhance their administrative skills or keep-up-to-date with the latest trends in management. Some resources to close the gap are available below.


If you are seeking some form of funding to enhance your teaching or management skills, or even your professional career this is a staring point.