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English Workshops Brochure

HETS professional development strategy continues to expand and diversify during this academic year. New English workshops have been developed to be delivered completely online at the HETS Blackboard platform. HETS has continued to use several technology options to serve its members. These workshops are not the exception, since they have been designed to maximize the experience and value by:

  • Innovative modality: self-paced that allows participants more time to practice skills at their convenience
  • Accomplished in less time! Content of these workshops are designed to be completed in an average of four (4) weeks
  • Convenient! Self-paced workshops can be fulfilled by dedicating an estimate of only 4-6 hours per week
  • Simultaneous workshop sessions are available
  • No need to leave your institution or workplace during the workshop session
  • Tailored to the Hispanic student needs
  • Opportunity to network with experts on the topics
  • Access to effective strategies and best practices on the topics
  • Participants will have the benefit to receive a certificate of 20 continuing education contact hours (2.0 credits)

Topics of the English Workshops:

These workshops have been designed by HETS experts at member institutions, who were selected by their expertise and experience on these topics:

Registration fees:

  • Investment:
    • HETS members fee: $75.00 (per participant/per workshop)
    • Regular fee: $100.00 (per participant/per workshop)
  • Place: Completely Online! and at your own pace.

    Registration it’s easy!
    To register for the self paced English workshops just send an email to info@hets.org.

Technical requirements:

For and efficient and effective experience during the workshop, each participant’s equipment used to access the self paced online workshop, must meet the following technology requirements:

  • Use a PC or MAC computer with Internet access and capacity to listen and watch videos
  • Internet access should be at least through DSL or Cable Modem so you can properly handle audio and video files that might contain the workshops. If you have a dial-up service, be aware that the access will be slower
  • If using a PC computer, it should have at least, Windows XP with all updates installed
  • If  using a MAC computer, it’s recommended to use Mac OS X 10.5 and onwards
  • Ideal navigation system to access the online workshops is Mozilla Firefox 14.0.x.
  • If you prefer to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you should use version 8 or the most recent one
    • Confirm that the computer you’re using have all the required plug-ins.
  • Some workshops require to prepare documents using a word processor. We suggest that you have installed either:
  • Some workshops will be accessed using the Blackboard platform. It require having Java up to date. When you first access the workshop, your computer will inform if you need to install it (it’s completely free).
  • Several documents in the workshops are in PDF format, so your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or an application that will allow reading this document format (this application is completely free).

For additional info, please contact HETS Office at 1- 787-250-1912 exts. 2372, 2373. You can also send an email to: info@hets.org.

Registration it’s easy!
To register for the self paced English workshops just send an email to info@hets.org.

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