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To learn more about HETS services click here  for a short video in its English version using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
To learn more about HETS services click here for a short video in its Spanish version using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Professional Development Events

Professional workshops are created with HETS members’ needs and interests in mind. Subject areas for these are selected based upon the needs identified through surveys, discussions, and evaluations, as well as based on the opportunities and challenges posed by current educational trends. Through these workshops and other series of events during the year, HETS aims at creating awareness and developing skills on the use of technology to enhance education. Workshops are also designed to promote among participants the advantages of technology to improve education and encourage the adoption and implementation of technology to enhance student support.

HETS Events

HETS is constantly looking for newer and fresher ideas in its field of expertise to bring its members the best of all services, and maximize the knowledge and experiences of member themselves, as they get together to collaborate with each other and contribute to one another. This is why one of the HETS Consortium priorities involves the development and offering of various events throughout the year that are tailored to the educational and growth needs of today´s Higher Education institutions.

Publications (HETS Online Journal Flyer – English / Spanish)

HETS Online Journal Binder Cover.jpgAs part of its efforts to increase awareness on the uses/advantages of technology to improve education, support and effective use of technology, and disseminate best practices and common interests, HETS has launched a series of publications that reach more than 8,000 representatives and contacts. These publications include a peer review journal on relevant topics for our members, a members-only newsletter, and key special reports on topics discussed through round-table initiatives developed among our members.

Student Leadership Corner

We have designed this space dedicated especially for students who are the primary part and our reason to be HETSDuring the fifth HETS Leadership Student Showcase event, held at the Metropolitan Campus of  IAUPR on September 14, 2018more than 700 participants gathered to take advantage of information about the free of charge services we have available free of charge. But it does not stopped there. Through this section we will maintain direct communication with the heart of our member institutions and their most valuable component, the college students.

Faculty and Administrators Placita

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Faculty & Administrators Placita Get access to different online modules, learning objects for faculty, tools, resources, and guidelines about teaching, technology and productivity in a higher education scenario to improve skills to better serve Hispanics pursuing a degree.
Faculty Collaborative Initiatives
– Focused in the areas of Cross-Cultural Health Care, Security Management, Bilingual Journalism, and Online Learning Support for Non-Native English Speakers. Professional Development– The following sites provide proper help to faculty members and administrators in their professional development.

Hispanic Educational Research – Learn more about latest research papers related to Hispanic students’ education issues and how faculty and administrators can better serve them.

Administrators – Resources to enhance administrative skills or keep-up-to-date with the latest trends in management.

Fellowship Information – If you are seeking some form of funding to enhance your teaching or management skills, or even your professional career this is a starting point.

Student Placita

Click here to download HETS Student Services brochure: English / Spanish

Student Placita Get access to different online modules, learning objects for students, tools, resources and study aids about readiness, learning, technology and success for Hispanic students pursuing opportunities to succeed in Higher Education. Student Support – tools validated by third party organizations which  offer resources and services to help students determine their future careers.

Student Readiness – assistance for Hispanic students to help them meet their academic goals in both traditional and online learning environments.

Financial Aid – When pursuing a college career, funding an important concern. To help Hispanic students overcome this issue HETS member institutions over a variety of financial aids.  Other private organizations provide scholarships and fellowships to assist Latinos’ meet academic objectives.  The following sections are helpful in identifying financial resources.


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