Financial Literacy Guides

In this section you will find financial tools and guides for students and their parents. These guides were created to help parents and student understand how to instill positive credit awareness and responsible financial habits.

Guide to Securing your Child’s Credit Future: The Simple Dollar had created this guide – to empower parents with a helpful step by step process that will provide them the tools they need to ensure that their children develop a healthy relationship with credit, and understand financial literacy by the time they graduate.

Guide to Securing your College Student’s Credit Future: College students don’t always have a healthy relationship with credit. Some parents may assume that their students will learn proper credit habits and financial behavior in college, but that assumption may not be correct.  The Simple Dollar wrote this guide to empower parents to help their college students (or young adults of similar age) transition to the real world by avoiding credit pitfalls and developing solid financial habits that will set them up for success.