Taller de Capacitación para Comité Asesor de Estudiantes HETS

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El Consorcio HETS se complace en invitarles al primer taller de capacitación para nuestros líderes miembros del comité asesor de estudiantiles y sus invitados.

¿Cuándo?:          viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

¿ Hora?:             8:30 am – 12:00 m

¿Lugar?:            Oficinas de Microsoft Puerto Rico, S.A.

                            City View Plaza I Suite 107 |#48 State Road 165 Km 1.2|

                            Guaynabo PR 00968 | Teléfono: (787) 273-3600

¿ Quienes?:       Miembros del Comité Asesor de Estudiantes HETS y líderes estudiantiles invitados por ellos.



Comite de estudiantes HETS2-marzo2015

Comité Asesor de HETS

El Comité Asesor de HETS, capítulo estudiantil de Puerto Rico fue constituido en octubre 2014, luego de realizar convocatoria durante el primer HETS Student Leadership Showcase en San Juan, PR. Luego de evaluar todas las solicitudes recibidas los siguientes estudiantes fueron seleccionados:

  • Maikel A. González Alvarado, UIPR, Recinto de Ponce
  • Natasha E. Cruz Sánchez, Universidad del Turabo (SUAGM)
  • Anita Del Rosario Martínez, UIPR, Recinto Metropolitano
  • Albert M. Troche Torres, UIPR, Recinto de San Germán
  • Ernesto M. Gónzalez Colón,  Universidad del Turabo (SUAGM)
  • Mónica Mercado Rohena, Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Beverly Álvarez Torres, UIPR, Recinto de San Germán
  • Kervin Morales Pérez, UIPR, Recinto de San Germán

Beneficios de ser parte del comité asesor de HETS:

  • Oportunidad de participar de la reunión de la Junta de Directores de HETS
  • Coordinar eventos y proyectos que apoyen tus necesidades
  • Incluir tu experiencia como parte del comité asesor en tu resume (cartas de recomendación), entre otros
    Comite asesor estudiantes

Gracias por el apoyo. Los espacios disponibles para este taller de capacitación se agotaron. Envíenos su información via email a info@hets.org para mantenerle informado de futuras actividades.


Minué Yoshida-Aydelott

YoshidaMinué Yoshida-Aydelott was born and raised in Mexico City. She fully understands the impact of global markets, and the importance of reinforcing the strengths within a multicultural environment, as her mother is Mexican and her father is Japanese.  She works closely with diverse groups focused on diversity and inclusion, and was in charge of Training and Development for the multicultural markets at New York Life.  She has worked with some of the top financial institutions in the USA and Fortune 100 Global companies in Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

How Your Multicultural Background will help you Succeed

Many times we hear people criticize or stereotype our cultural backgrounds, based on age, ethnicity, preferences, etc., and we’ve believed they are part of our list of weaknesses, or just something to “overcome”. Join us in this journey through your past, present and future, and learn how to convert any perceived obstacle in your strongest asset.

Download HETS new services brochures-


Acceda aquí la versión en español

As part of HETS relocation in their new home; Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus; we have updated our contact information in documents promoting services for our member institutions. The following materials of our services are already available online for download or print through our website www. hets.org:

  • HETS Services: One of the HETS membership benefits is that institutions can network with leaders of other institutions, collaborate and take advantage of free services designed to meet their needs in common.
    Services for Students: Students of our member institutions are HETS engine. Our Mission is to expand opportunities for them in Higher Education. Most of the resources available to students can be accessed through the Student Placita at the Virtual Plaza.
    Faculty and Administration Services: Since HETS Membership is institutional, academic community can network with leaders of other institutions, collaborate and benefit from multiple services and educational events.
    Workshops in Spanish: Catalog of online workshops in Spanish, leading to continuing education credits, in which you will be informed about the themes of each one and the expert resources that will help participants during the course. All our workshops leads to continuing education credits.
    English Workshops Catalog: This catalog presents the first generation of self- paced online workshops entirely in English. These workshops are conducive to continuing education credits.
    • Promotional flyers with information to access TERC and Career Transitions databases at the HETS Virtual Plaza. This service is exclusive to our members. In these databases the students can access free admission practice tests, look for scholarships, internships, e-books in addition to effectively prepare for job search. Each institution has a password, is you need the one for your institution please contact our office.
    • HETS membership affiliation forms for new institutional, corporate and individual members. HETS offers services to educational institutions in the United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America. Also it offer opportunities for Major Corporate Partners, corporate members and non-profit organizations related to technology and education. We have also opened our doors to high schools and individuals interested in integrating technology in education.

As reported earlier, from September 4 HETS new office is located in Room 326 of the Metropolitan Campus of Inter American University in Cupey. Its members, partners and collaborators HETS institutions can contact us at 787-250-1912, extensions 2372 and 2373. Also contact us via emails to our office via mail info@hets.org or directly to its staff, Yubelkys Montalvo (yubelkys_montalvo@inter.edu ) and Yelixa Castro (yelixa_castro@inter.edu). The new postal address of the office is HETS:

HETS Consortium
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus (Room 326)
PO Box 191293, San Juan PR, 00919-1293.
It is always a pleasure to serve you!

Amy Soricelli

amy soricelly new picAssistant Vice President, Career Services and Alumni Relations
Berkeley College

Amy Soricelli has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of recruiting and career services. She joined Berkeley College in 2009 as Director, Alumni Placement. She was appointed Assistant Vice President, Career Services and Alumni Relations in June, 2014. In this role, Ms. Soricelli oversees all alumni and career development needs including skill development, resource support and conflict resolution. She is the recipient of the Associate of the Year Award for Customer Service in 2012 and the Associate of the Year Honorable Mention Award for Customer Service in 2010.

Prior to joining Berkeley College, Ms. Soricelli was Account Manager at Taylor Grey, a staffing firm where her primary focus was the placement of administrative support in New York City, Connecticut and Long Island. Ms. Soricelli served almost 14 years as Director of Placement at the Katharine Gibbs School. While there, she won the Top Placement Award for eight consecutive years.

Ms. Soricelli is a graduate of the Herbert H. Lehman College where she earned an M.S. in Specialized Services in Education with a focus on Guidance and Counseling and a B.A. in English.

HETS Connection | Volume 12: Issue 1 | MARCH 2016

Click here to download the PDF version of this Issue

Message from the Chair

Manuel Fernos, Esq- OFICIAL -compressed oct-12

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another edition of HETS Newsletter. HETS started the year, with many challenges, exciting events and alliances. This issue demonstrates the progress made by our organization as we continue to make strides in advancing educational opportunities for Hispanic students.

The HETS Online Journal continues to serve as a vehicle for state-of-the-art articles about the use of technology in the teaching and learning of our student population. During April 2016, we will publish a no less interesting issue. We invite you to visit HETS Online Journal and review the fall issue of its Sixth Volume and look forward to read the Spring Issue in few weeks. Please help us to disseminate this peer reviewed publication now that has been added to EBSCO and Cengage databases.

The HETS Best Practices Showcase that took place on January 14-15 was a resounding success.  Our keynote speaker, John Sener, addressed representatives from over 40 academic institutions from US and abroad. We were able to enjoy over 30 best practices presentations on the use of technology to teach our students.  Finally, over 200 seniors from public and private high schools in PR participated in an Academic Fair.

We continue to grow as an organization.  Our membership now includes the American University of Puerto Rico and Lighthouse Translations. Our corporate partners are invaluable in helping us connect with the business community. I believe that we can use our membership as a mechanism to amplify the message that our population is deserving of the most advanced technological advancements.  It is my hope that we can continue to leverage our advantage of being a consortium to continue to attract government and private funding

As you can see, as usual there is much that is taking place within HETS, and there is much more to do! On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to this issue of the HETS Connection, enjoy!

Manuel J. Fernós, Esq.
Chairman of the HETS Board of Directors, and
President, Inter American University of Puerto Rico


Latests from HETS:

In this issue you will find a sampling of what we are doing and relevant news related to our members:


HETS Welcomes New Institutional and Corporate Members.

HETS also rejoices by extending its connection in Puerto Rico, and Missouri by welcoming American University of Puerto Rico, Southeast Missouri State University and corporate member Lighthouse Translations.  We are delighted that they accepted our invitation to join our consortium.  Below a brief profile of each for your consideration. Read More

Southeast Missouri State University



HETS Appoints Coordinator of Student Support Services.

profileKarenRiveraDFor 23 years of service, HETS has been promoting its services to enhance student’s success and opportunities in Higher Education. To complement and strengthen this efforts, HETS hired Ms. Karen Rivera Díaz as Coordinator of Student Support Services on January, 2016, based on her experience and expertise. We feel incredibly privileged to welcome Karen to our family!

For 12 years Ms. Rivera Díaz held positions related to the area of student services in higher education institutions. She was mentor of the Universidad del Este (Carolina) student council for three years. Read More

Available the videos of the presentations from the 2016 Best Practices Showcase.

Track winners panelThe videos access of most Best Practices are available on this website at the 2016 Best Practices Showcase Conference at a Glance page for the benefit of those who didn’t have the opportunity to attend. Celebrated in January 14 and 15, 2016 the HETS Best Practices Showcase highlighted and celebrated the outstanding work of its member institutions focused on three main tracks: Access and Student Mobility, Retention and Assessment in Higher Education always with special emphasis on Hispanics students. Read More

2014-2015 Annual Report: another year filled with accomplishments for HETS.

AR 2014-15 portadaHETS recently published and shared the print and electronic version of its 2014-2015 Annual Report, a product that showcases the yearly accomplishments of this organization and the results of the collaboration among its more than 40 members. Year 2014-2015 was the third year of implementation of HETS Strategic Plan. HETS strategically focuses on services and opportunities that use technology to increase Hispanics’ access to Higher Education, optimize the retention of Hispanic students, and support the establishment of a solid culture of assessment at the post secondary level. Read More

The 2016 Best Practices Showcase Gathered More Than 40 Institutions of Puerto Rico and United States.

From left to right: Manuel Fernós, Esq., HETS Chairman & President UIPR; Yubelkys Montalvo HETS Executive Director; John Sener, keynote speaker, and Alberto Maldonado, Esq., Chancellor, UNE Carolina.

HETS “Celebrated Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education” with its Best Practices Showcase, which took place Thursday, January 14, to Friday, January 15, 2016 at Universidad del Este in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The event allowed the Consortium to bring together more than 40 of its member institutions in Puerto Rico and United States to share innovative projects and best practices. This was the fourth time that HETS was able to have this event for the benefit of attendees from different Higher Education institutions. Read More

Board Members Celebrated it’s Winter Meeting and The 2016 Best Practices Showcase in San Juan, PR.

BoardMembersThe HETS Board of Directors winter session was successfully celebrated in San Juan, PR concurrent with the 2016 Best Practices Showcase. These events were held at the Escuela de Hospitalidad y Artes Culinarias José A. “Tony” Santana, hosted by Universidad del Este, AGMUS. Representatives of more than 25 member institutions from Puerto Rico, New York, Texas, Missouri, and California were present at the meeting and agreed on the priority activities for the next semester. Read more





What: HETS Student Leadership Showcase

When: April 15, 2016

Time: 8:00 am- 1:30 pm

Where: John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), New York

To register online visit the event page: NYC Student Leadership Showcase


What: Best Practices to Support the Success of Latino Student- West Coastcsusm


When: March 24, 2016

Time: 8:30 am- 3:30 pm

Where: California State University, San Marcos, University Student Union, Room 2310

Event for HETS member institutions from California, hosted by CSUSM and its office of Student Affairs and its vice president Dr. Lorena Meza.



What: HETS Summer Board Meeting* Lehman College

When: June 28 and 29, 2016

Where: Lehman College, Bronx New York

*This is a closed meeting for HETS Board members and its representatives. By invitation only.





If you would like to include your institution’s news and events on this Newsletter just contact HETS via email at: info@hets.org or by phone 787-250-1912 extensions 2372, 2373.  Thank you for your unwavering support to our initiatives.

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