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HETS is constantly looking for newer and fresher ideas in its field of expertise to bring its members the best of all services, and maximize the knowledge and experiences of member themselves, as they get together to collaborate with each other and contribute to one another. This is why one of the HETS Consortium priorities involves the development and offering of various events throughout the year that are tailored to the educational and growth needs of today”s Higher Education institutions.

These events, among others, cover several areas of interest in Hispanic Higher Education, especially as they relate to technology innovations for the success of the Hispanic learner, including: online teaching strategies, online student support services, student retention strategies, online learning foundations, best practices, online teaching quality indicators, and economies of scales for post secondary institutions. They also get faculty and administrators together to share and discuss key issues, network institutions with potential corporate allies, and give members an opportunity to expose and disseminate their works.
Subject areas for PDE”s are selected based upon the needs identified among member institutions, as well as the opportunities and challenges posed by the current educational trends. During these events, you will be exposed to important theoretical approaches, based on the know-how of the experts delivering the workshops, but also to interactive sessions, practical exercises, and collaboration and networking opportunities with other colleagues.
This year, HETS is concentrating on creating cost effective on-line professional development activities, as well as a face to face training. The educational contents of these activities will be translated into English by the end of the year to serve HETS member institutions on the mainland. This initiative will also provide the opportunity of completing a series of four workshops to obtain a continuing education certification. See below HETS training current offerings using two different modalities:

– (Self paced – 2.0 credits certificate)
    English Workshops Brochure

– (Individual workshops- 2.0 credits each one | Basic Certification – 4.8 credits |Advanced Certification- 4.0 credits)
Spanish Workshops Brochure
WEBINARS IN ENGLISH– HETS has continued the initiative discussed with the HETS Distance Learning Task Force to recognize and identify Distance Learning professionals at HETS Member Institutions to develop and present targeted webinars and provide tools for their roles.

WEBINARS IN SPANISH Como resultado de la crisis causada por el Covid-19, HETS se ha dado a la tarea de brindar especial apoyo a las instituciones miembros en PR, USA y Latinoamérica, como parte de nuestro enfoque y misión. A tales efectos, se han coordinado webinars y eventos virtuales, libre de costo, sobre temas relacionados a la educación a distancia a través del Blackboard Collaborate u otras plataformas en línea.

FACE TO FACE WORKSHOPS (Available upon request)

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