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Socrates Connected, LLC.: Why compete if we can collaborate?

socratesThere has been an unprecedented growth in the demand for high quality education in Latin America. This demand is not currently satisfied by the existing educational institutions. Latin American institutions, which are in the midst of an uncertain funding environment, have fallen short in their efforts to develop scalable programs that meet the expectation of today’s digital generation. This shortfall is not for lack of trying, but is a reflection of the resource and organization constraints faced by individual institutions to develop the necessary content, processes and technology infrastructure. At Socrates Connected we provide a path forward for institutions struggling to meet these challenges by harnessing resources and expertise across the region to make online programs available to local institutions.

Cengage Learning: Experiencias de Aprendizaje de Alto Valor para el Siglo XXI

La misión que Cengage Learning logra a través del trabajo colaborativo con Instituciones socias en un ambiente de innovación constante.

natgeoLos modelos educativos han cambiado, la educación adaptada al individuo –y no el individuo adaptado al sistema educativo– cada vez se hace más presente, y en esta sociedad es la información la que ahora dirige la economía global que está surgiendo.

Latin Pak

latinpakAs a new Member of HETS, Latin-Pak looks forward to the opportunity to work with HETS institution members on their marketing campaigns to target prospective students. Our services can reach millions of potential students within USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. Our services feature additional targeting options for optimal performance, and can include the opportunity to add interested students to your marketing database. As a point of reference, our services include direct mail, email and mobile.

With over 18 years of experiences, our consultative services will maximize returns on all aspects of your marketing campaign. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-625-4283 or email us at vince@latinpak.com , we look forward to speaking with you. Take advantage of HETS member discount for your next campaign!!

Oracle Academy: awakening the interest in Computer Science

oracleAcademyThe technology industry is critical to global progress and prosperity, and Oracle’s corporate citizenship initiatives are grounded in our technology leadership. We are committed to using our resources to increase opportunity, protect the environment, advance education, and enrich community life. We are proud that the same innovative spirit behind Oracle’s technological success also drives innovative solutions and programs that benefit communities around the world.