Socrates Connected, LLC.: Why compete if we can collaborate?

socratesThere has been an unprecedented growth in the demand for high quality education in Latin America. This demand is not currently satisfied by the existing educational institutions. Latin American institutions, which are in the midst of an uncertain funding environment, have fallen short in their efforts to develop scalable programs that meet the expectation of today’s digital generation. This shortfall is not for lack of trying, but is a reflection of the resource and organization constraints faced by individual institutions to develop the necessary content, processes and technology infrastructure. At Socrates Connected we provide a path forward for institutions struggling to meet these challenges by harnessing resources and expertise across the region to make online programs available to local institutions.

Socrates Connected fosters collaboration between institutions through the sharing of online courses, programs, instruction, and teaching/learning practices. We create an environment for institutions to work together in the delivery of academic programs while ensuring that there is no competition for enrollments between collaborating institutions. We also help to promote strategic partnerships to develop co-accredited programs to further expand the availability of academic offerings. By sourcing from prestigious Latin American Universities we ensure that only the highest quality online courses and programs are offered. The offerings can be used to compliment current programs, replace existing courses or simply to meet a marketplace demand within your local geographic region. There is no additional infrastructure required and these courses and programs are available today.

At Socrates Connected, we believe that educational institutions can reach new students and increase their total revenue while improving overall quality – through an expansion of their online offerings. In the United States and in Latin America there are huge numbers of Spanish speaking students that are remaining underserved. Our turnkey solution in collaboration with our partner institutions provides a low risk approach that addresses many of the scalability and quality challenges that are preventing institutions from meeting the expectations of these students. For more information, please contact us at