What Can a Culture of Hispanic STEM Success Look Like?

General Description of the Project:
The UHD Scholars Academy academic unit has an 18-year history of creating a culture of STEM success bridging to Advanced Degree programs. This presentation will outline key components which create the bridges along with recurring activities acting to build and sustain Hispanic students’ skill, competence, and confidence levels envisioning the next step in their workforce career.
Presenters will offer “how to” explanations related to programmatic components, data collection, enlisting non-grant funded PhDs into participation. Additionally, on-campus student research opportunities will be outlined and described with sample agendas and programs distributed. Finally, data driven outcomes related to the successes will be provided.

Description of the Technology(ies) Used:
MS Excel spreadsheets and Access Database; Banner, PeopleSoft, Social Networks: LinkedIn, FaceBook;

Longitudinal data of known current levels of current bridges and data collection methods will be shared, thus providing a mechanism application aspect to the presentation. As an example of current levels of success in the last 15 months (2017 – 2018) over 8 PhDs and 3 MDs have completed their advanced degrees. More data such as this will be shared. Further, the role of social media in data collection will be reviewed.



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