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Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase 2015

Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase 2015


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Celebrating Innovation in Access, Retention and Assessment in Distance Learning

Education to Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education

January 15  – February 6,  2015


The Hispanic Educational Technology Services Consortium (HETS) would like to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of its member institutions in meaningfully and strategically using technology to achieve Hispanic student success. Taking place in January- February,  2015, the 2015 Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase will focus on three main tracks: Retention and Assessment efforts in Distance Learning, Equivalence, and Authentication in Distance Learning Education for Hispanics. These topics were identified through the survey HETS office sent to all key contacts at member institutions, and Board meetings discussions. This event will be a combination of live and asynchronous online presentations with forums to interact with presenters and participants.

HETS has defined a “best practice” as an innovative approach or strategy that, with the effective use of technology, has proven to increase recruitment, promote student success, improve student retention and completion, and provide institutions with viable, effective, and efficient approaches to assessment in Distance Learning courses or programs. Overall, it will be a showcase of innovative technology strategies in Higher Education focused on impacting the Hispanic student population by enhancing retention, college completion, and successful learning outcomes.

Certainly, HETS member institutions are experts in dealing with the Hispanic population and finding ways to provide them with opportunities to succeed. and we want to open a space for them to share this expertise. Once again, online participants will be not only able to learn from the showcased works, but also find solutions to many common issues and even establish new possibilities for collaboration with other institutions and potential partners.

Date and Location

The 2015 Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase will take place starting January  15 to February, 2015 totally online and will be a combination of live presentations and uploaded ones.


Who Should Participate

Academic leaders, Distance Learning Directors, Academic and Student Affairs Vice Presidents or Deans, faculty, technology staff, investigators, corporate representatives related to technology and education, students and general public.


Registration Fees

  • HETS Members: free of charge (need to register with an institutional email account)
  • Regular Fee: $50.00 (per track) / $100.00 (all tracks)


Additional details on webcast access, as well as the final program, will be available shortly.


Online Education for Students

As a high school student or even freshman at College you seek online institutions that meet your career goals. HETS has a list of resources to assist Hispanic prospect students and general public in pursuing a professional career in an online scenario. Some items refer to articles to guide students in their selection of an online program, strategies to determine readiness to study online, a few free online courses, and more. Visit Virtual Plaza to learn more.

Watch here the videos of the HETS Technology Showcase Event held June 19 and 20, 2014 in New York.

Save the Date EVENT JUNE -14Concurrent with its summer Board Meeting last June 19 and 20, HETS celebrated a Technology Showcase hosted by Lehman College, (CUNY). The main purpose of the event was to share Lehman College’s (LC) best practices in specific operational and educational areas. The event was transmitted live the day of the event through LC Live Stream Channel and also participants outside New York had the opportunity to participate online.

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