Watch here the videos of the HETS Technology Showcase Event held June 19 and 20, 2014 in New York.

Save the Date EVENT JUNE -14Concurrent with its summer Board Meeting last June 19 and 20, HETS celebrated a Technology Showcase hosted by Lehman College, (CUNY). The main purpose of the event was to share Lehman College’s (LC) best practices in specific operational and educational areas. The event was transmitted live the day of the event through LC Live Stream Channel and also participants outside New York had the opportunity to participate online.

During the first day of the event, Dr. Marzie Jafari, Vice President for Workforce & Global Partnerships, Lehman College (CUNY) and Prof. Alfredo Calderón, HETS Consultant welcomed participants that had the opportunity to learn about the innovative technologies adopted by LC on the following topics: The Lehman College BI (Business Intelligence) Tool presented by: Mr. Ron Bergmann, Vice President of Information Technology Division /CIO, Dr. Joseph Medved, Lei Millman and Aarti Deshmukh; Maps, Apps and Stats: What’s New in Quantitative Resources, presented by: Prof. Rebecca Arzola, Prof. Alison Lehner-Quam, Prof. Robin Wright, and Prof. Esther Wilder; Building an Effective Blackboard Course/Best Practices  presented by: Prof. Natasha Nurse, and Prof. Myram Cadet (Nursing Department); and Flipping The Lehman College Classroom, by:Prof. Madeline Cohen, Prof. Deborah Sanders, and Prof. Jennifer Poggiali all of them from LC.

During the second day of the event, Dr. Marzie Jafari, Vice President of Workforce and Global Partnerships (LC), presented a recap with highlights of the showcase to Board Members. For more information about this event, please go to: HETS Technology Showcase. For the benefit of those who didn’t attend face to face, all the videos are also available through the HETS You Tube Channel. Also you can continue the discussion on these and other topics at our blog HETS Updates/Al Día.  HETS would like to thank Lehman College for the video recording of this event and Sistema TV, Canal Universitario Ana G. Méndez for the final edition of it.

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