Quality Management Serving More Students Through Distance Education: Experience of two HSI

General Description of the Project:
Higher education institutions in their quest to develop new ways to meet students’ needs have identified distance education as a strategy to increase completion rates, student satisfaction while adopting new ways to increase enrollment and revenues. Simultaneously, they devise strategies to reduce the cost of education, reduce time to degree, and increase graduation rates. Distance education, a mainstream modality of teaching and learning, continues to grow in acceptance, sophistication, and rigor; it has seen exponential progression in the last 15 years. This presentation, through the use of data, strategies, and futuring, will discuss lessons learned at two Hispanic Serving Institutions in Texas and Puerto Rico.

Description of the Technology(ies) Used:
PowerPoint, Internet, and multimedia.

From an HSI perspective, the presenters will discuss strategies to foster student engagement, persistence, along with lessons learned to address the needs of this population. Presenters will discuss futuring of distance education and its most popular variant, online learning.



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