About the Best Practices Showcase

About the Face to Face Conference: HETS “Celebrates Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education” with its Best Practices Showcases, which are held every other year since 2010, to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of its member institutions in meaningfully and strategically using technology to achieve Hispanic student success. These events allows the Consortium to bring together more than 40 of its member institutions in Puerto Rico and United States to share innovative projects and best practices.

HETS has defined a “best practice” as an innovative approach or strategy that, with the effective use of technology, has proven to increase recruitment, promote student success, improve student retention and completion, and provide institutions with viable, effective, and efficient approaches to online learning and learning assessment, among others. Overall, these events are a celebration of innovative technology strategies in Higher Education focused on impacting the Hispanic student population by enhancing retention, college completion, and successful learning outcomes. HETS member institutions are experts in dealing with the Hispanic population and finding ways to provide them with opportunities to succeed, and we want to open a space for them to share this expertise.

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