Using Learning Styles for Online Courses as a Way to Increase Hispanic Student’s Access and Retention

Designed by: Dr. Ivonne Chirino- Klevans
Former Chief Editor of the HETS Online Journal and Former Program Director Center for International Programs, Business Development Latin America and Puerto Rico, Walden University
University of Liverpool

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Description and Methodology:

This course have been designed to increase the knowledge of effective online strategies by understanding the role of using learning styles to increase student retention in online courses; Identify four learning styles and their use in the design of online content; apply learning styles to the development of online content according to specific learning objectives; and identify appropriate digital tools that support the design of online courses.

This workshop will be self-paced divided by learning units. It will use relevant bibliography, cases, and opportunities for implementing the knowledge acquired through each learning unit. It will also integrate the use of digital tools freely available on the internet. The learning outcome of this self-paced workshop will be an actual unit effectively developed integrating learning styles according to the rubric provided.

Workshop Topics:

  • Why learning styles?
  • Identifying depth of knowledge and learning outcomes
  • Digital tools
  • Putting it all together: Creating online content using learning styles


This workshop will be evaluated by the following:

  1. Self evaluation using multiple choice tests
  2. Pre and post test
  3. Workshop overall evaluation

Designed for: educators, trainers and anyone interested in expanding their understanding of the use of learning styles, to create online content that will result in higher retention rate in online learning.

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    Nawal Boukli


    I received all the info in spanish and would rather take the course in english if possible.

    Thanks, Nawal

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    Yelixa Castro


    Greetings!! We contacted the expert in charge of the workshop. Please contact her through the course. Thanks!!

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