Official schedule for the HETS Second Best Practices Showcase is available at

The official schedule for the HETS Second Best Practices Showcase has been released.  A total of 35 presentations will be showcasing their best practices in the areas of access, retention, assessment, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for Hispanics.  The event will take place February 16 and 17, 2012 in San Juan, PR.

Please click the following link: Showcase Tracks, to find the name of the presenters and a summary of their presentations. We invite you to visit this link to know the specific topics of the presentations, so you can make your breakout sessions planning in advance. Online registration for the event is available at: HETS BPS 2012 Registration. Reserve your space today!

This time HETS coordinated to transmit live through a webcast 14 out of the 35 presentations that will be showcased. To register for the webcast sessions please visit HETS BPS 2012 Registration, and select the webcast option.

About the event:

The HETS Consortium would like to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of Hispanic Serving Institutions in meaningfully and strategically using technology to achieve Hispanic student success.  HETS has defined a “best practice” as an innovative approach or strategy that, with the effective use of technology, has proven to increase recruitment, promote student success, improve student retention and completion, and provide institutions with viable, effective, and efficient approaches to assessment. HETS is also interested in innovative approaches and strategies that use technology to promote Hispanic success in STEM education. Overall, it will be a celebration of innovative technology strategies in Higher Education focused on impacting the Hispanic student population by enhancing retention, college completion, and successful learning outcomes.  For more information about this event, please contact the HETS office at (787)766-2600 exts. 8910, 8911 or send an email to:


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