HETS proudly presents its Learning Technologies Leadership Academy to develop the next generation of leaders in Learning Technologies at HSI’s

HETS is delighted to present a new professional development program called: Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA), focused on developing the next generation of leaders with a special emphasis on the challenges and opportunities present at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The Academy’s main goal is to provide the competencies to prepare professionals to advance their careers to the next level and pursue administrative or senior leadership roles. The H-LTLA format includes an online program scheduled to start on August 3 to 6, 2021 through the HETS Bb Collaborate platform. For four days, attendees will gain knowledge and skills through synchronous presentations offered by leaders in the higher education community. 

The H-LTLA curriculum will be in English or Spanish and consists of topics related to Academic TechnologyOnline LearningInstructional/ Curriculum Design, Teaching and Learning, Project Management, Accreditation, Professional Development, and Data for Digital Learning. The topics have been selected to prepare higher education leaders to understand how to transform their organizations so they can prepare and support their institutions to be more resilient, flexible, and relevant as they face an array of increasingly difficult challenges. Eligibility is open to individuals whose job is to promote and facilitate the adoption of teaching and learning technologies

Acceptance to the H-LTLA is made through a competitive application process, drawn from all divisions of the institutions, schools, or related organizations. An Evaluation Committee, composed of senior staff at HETS Member Institutions, will be selecting the most competitive applications with compelling evidence that the candidate meets all the requirements to take full advantage of the Academy. To learn more or how to be part of this group of participants selected each year for the Academy, register at HETS LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (H-LTLA) » HETS, and join us on May 27, 2021, at 4:30 pm (EST/ PR Time) via Zoom. The Academy registration fees will be announced during this event. For more information, contact us via email: info@hets.org.