HETS Online Journal Spring Issue, Volume XII is now available

HETS Online Journal Spring Issue, Volume XII is now available. This issue integrates new areas of interest, including student retention and assessment and the critical topic of student access. Furthermore, this issue also includes the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the new academic scenario. This publication includes the ISSN 2693-9193 number that has been assigned to our Online Journal. This activity is the first phase of the plan to increase the journal’s visibility after analyzing the 38 criteria for evaluation of electronic journals by the LATINDEX Organization. Consider submitting an article for the next issue to be published in the Fall 2022 if you have an innovative project to share your knowledge and experience in any of these areas impacting higher education.

HETS is completing the final phase of its plan to transform our HTML-published journal into one published on an editorial platform. This phase includes facilitating the acquisition of the Direct Object Identifier (DOI) for articles, setting up the journal and author information for each and their subsequent PDF conversion, creating web pages in the Open Journal System, and the addition of past numbers and issues of HETS Online Journal to the platform. This new platform will require reviewing the guidelines to submit an article and the Publishing Agreement for alignment with the new system and Creative Commons license recommended by the Editorial Board. Both new guidelines and Agreement will be announced during Summer 2022. Authors are invited to start working on their articles to take advantage of the opportunity to share their knowledge on the new dedicated and enhanced platform. 

New reviewers are welcomed to collaborate in this effort and benefit from the experience and recognition in this editorial platform. Those interested in serving as a reviewer, please submit your information by email to info@hets.org. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this initiative!