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Celebrating Innovation in Access, Retention and Assessment in Distance Learning

Education to Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education

Track 1: Retention and Assessment efforts in Distance Learning

This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that strategically use technology to support, drive, and optimize retention of Hispanic students in online or blended courses, and promoting the effective development and implementation of assessment efforts through the innovative and strategic use of technology in Distance Learning. It considers projects that innovatively and strategically use technology to track, measure, support, and assess Hispanic student learning success and projects that demonstrate how their approach has had a significant impact on their success in supporting and increasing Hispanic student retention in online courses or programs. Some examples include:

  1. Projects that demonstrate how your institution adapt student support services to promote a higher level of motivation among students in the online environment
  2. Projects that demonstrate how your institutions manage/perform student assessment in distance education
  3. Best practices using technology to assess students performance in online environments, and its features and effectiveness
  4. Strategic use of technology to manage/deal/support student body diversity in distance education and cultural shock avoidance in the online environment
  5. Projects that demonstrate how your institution promote quality in the online environment


Track 2: Pedagogy strategies for online courses

This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that strategically use technology to design distance learning courses and comply with quality criteria and accreditation requirements.

  1. Projects that demonstrate your institution design model for distance education courses
  2. Online courses models addressing equivalency issues in comparison to face-to-face education
  3. Online courses models addressing authentication issues in distance learning


Track 3: Mobile Technologies

This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that strategically use mobile technologies to optimize student’s support services and assessment when teaching in an online or hybrid environment. It considers activities that innovatively and efficiently use mobile technologies to in real-time measure academic performance and ensures identity of participants . Some examples include:

  1. Projects that demonstrate how your institution integrates mobile technologies to student online environment


Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee will evaluate submitted projects on the basis of the following criteria. Each area will be rated on a scale from 1 to 7 (1= non-satisfactory; 7 =outstanding), for a maximum of 63 points.

  1. Level of innovation
  2. Meaningful use of technology – demonstrates not only how technologies were put in place but also how effectively those technologies were to achieving the goals in online environments
  3. Demonstrated benefit to overall student success and institutional effectiveness in Distance Learning
  4. Contribution to decision-making and improvement processes in Distance Learning
  5. Usefulness and cost-effectiveness
  6. Use of specific examples, evidence, or indicators to demonstrate success
  7. Quality of the proposal
  8. Hispanic focus
  9. Lessons learned


Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is designated by the Presidents of HETS Member Institutions based on their expertise and experience on the nominated track to validate their peers proposals.


To submit your proposal online go to: Call for Proposals

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