Technology Showcase

Save the Date EVENT JUNE -14HETS Special Event: Best Practices in Teaching with Technology
When: June 19-20, 2014
Where: Recital Hall, 3rd floor at the Music Building
Lehman College, Bronx, NY

This event was transmitted live on Thursday, June 19 starting at 9:30 AM (EST). Watch it here!

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Day One: June 19, 2014

Welcome and Greetings

By: Dr. Marzie Jafari, Vice President for Workforce & Global Partnerships, Lehman College (CUNY) and Prof. Alfredo Calderón, HETS Consultant.


The Lehman College BI (Business Intelligence) Tool
In this presentation, the presenters will explain what Business Intelligence is, How it can help predict trends in college enrollment, financials and faculty assignment. The Live Lehman College dashboard analytics of the BI Tool will also be shown, demonstrated and explained.

By: Mr. Ron Bergmann, Vice President of Information Technology Division /CIO and Dr. Joseph Medved, Lehman College (CUNY)


Maps, Apps and Stats: What’s New in Quantitative Resources

Learn how the Library makes data accessible to support student work. Moreover, what are the kinds of resources and pedagogical tools that faculty can use to teach quantitative reasoning?

By: Prof. Rebecca Arzola, Prof. Alison Lehner-Quam, Prof. Robin Wright, and Prof. Esther Wilder, Lehman College (CUNY)


Building an Effective Blackboard Course/Best Practices.

Designing an online course can be a daunting task. The focus of this presentation will be to show the methods employed to design an online course that contains all the “nuts and bolts” so students can get the most out of the course.

By: Prof. Natasha Nurse, and Prof. Myram Cadet (Nursing Department), Lehman College (CUNY)


Flipping The Lehman College Classroom

Have you ever heard of the term FLIPPING THE CLASSROOM?  Professors Cohen, Sanders and Poggiali will explain what it means to students and professors when the classroom is “FLIPPED” We will give you a hint…students get more learning done!

By:Prof. Madeline Cohen, Prof. Deborah Sanders, and Prof. Jennifer Poggiali, Lehman College (CUNY)


Highlights of the Presentation of Technology Showcase to HETS Board Members

By Dr. Marzie Jafari, Vice President for Workforce & Global Partnerships, Lehman College (CUNY)


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