Student and Faculty Perspectives on Student Evaluation of Teaching: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Community College.

Higher education institutions typically use student evaluations of faculty as a barometer of teaching quality; however, student participation may be too low for the results to have a positive impact on future academic experience. The presenters will discuss their findings on the perceptions of students and faculty toward these evaluations. Student voices have an important role in improving instruction; effort must be made to increase their participation in faculty evaluations. Identifying the attitudes, practices, values, and perceptions of students and faculty toward these evaluations will lead to purposeful initiatives intended to increase student participation and deliver useful information to faculty. Attendees can replicate this study on their campus to create a plan to improve participation of students in their evaluation of faculty. Increased response rate will deliver broader data that can lead to need-based professional development, especially for junior faculty. It also supports campus-wide assessment initiatives.