Research topics for Administrators

Research papers, video clips with resourceful leaders, and results of new approaches to becoming a better faculty member or administrator are listed in the Research section of the Administrators section in HETS Virtualplaza.

An interesting resource listed is the Educational Policy Institute which provides an international context on education policy, but has a section of publications that include topics related to Hispanic students. Also, the JISC InfoNet: Good Practice and Innovation – JISC infoNet aims to be the UK’s leading advisory service for managers in the post-compulsory education sector promoting the effective strategic planning, implementation and management of information and learning technology.  Its’ primary resources are online infoKits, which promote the effective strategic planning and management of information and learning technology within institutions. The infoKits contain a wealth of ‘self-help’ material, such as simple methodologies to manage projects, risk and change, as well as landscape views of the sector to encourage creativity, from image galleries of inspiring buildings to soundbites from learners engaged with e-portfolios. They also include a range of case studies that give wide exposure to practice that has been applied in the further and higher education sectors.

We invite you to explore and recommend sites, papers or other resources you believe will strengthen administrators skills as academic leaders.

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