Professional Development (Part 1)

Professional development is an important activity for faculty. In some cases, lack of time and incentives becomes an issue when searching for sites that provide proper help.  HETS offers resources that aim to help faculty members and administrators overcome this obstacle. Various sections have been created to meet different aspects of the skills faculty and administrators may need to keep up-to-date with basic and advanced skills to assist Hispanic students to meet their academic and professional goals.

We start this series of articles mentioning the Modules & Learning Objects section. This section provides modules in English and Spanish where topics, such as, Primer for Teaching Online, where an overall view of developing a web-based course, whether it be migrating a current course or whether it is the development of a new course for web-based delivery is explained. The Time Management Strategies for Online Courses module reviews studies that have shown that it can take anywhere from one-and-a-half to two times as long to administer an online course as it does a traditional campus-based course. But how is this possible?  Cheating in the  Online Classroom is a module that covers some of the more common ways that students cheat in an online course and what faculty can do to combat these tactics.

In Spanish the modules include “Creación de Comunidades Virtuales”  and a hot topic on “Criterios de Calidad para la enseñanza en Línea“.

Visit the Modules and Learning Objects section and share your experiences with other faculty members from our member institutions!

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