Prof. Ariel Ambert

Prof. Ariel Ambert is a professor of information systems at EDP University and specialists in information systems. He has a master’s degree in Information Systems with a concentration in digital fraud investigation and 2 graduate certifications in Systems Auditing. He is on the Internet Society Chapter Board of Directors and a member of the HETS advisory committee. He has dedicated himself to working with institutions of higher education and offices such as the Puerto Rico Board of Education. He was part of the EDP University Ambassadors Group which offered talks and orientation about HETS services. Achievement of completing the established goal of impacting 10% of its university community. Likewise, he was recognized with the Aníbal Nieves Nieves Foundation award for his committed work with the community and free work, serving as a tutor of information systems for people from the free community. This experience gained was what helped him to be a professor of higher education today.