Quick Visual Trainings

If so, this new online service is perfect for you. Why?
  • it`s free
  • it`s confidential
  • it`s short
  • it`s totally visual
The HETS Quick Visual Trainings is a collection of free “how-to” videos, to help you enhance your computer skills in an easy way.
These educational videos can be downloaded every week.
The objective of this repository is to assist you and/or your students get familiar with the “techie” features for some of the most popular software applications like MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-Outlook, etc, something that you probably use everyday.
Specially designed for
Frequent computer users interested in enhancing their computer skills, such as:
  • Faculty Members.
  • Students.
  • Administrators.
Technical requirements
  • Basic computer knowledge and use of Microsoft Office applications.
  • A basic user knowledge like opening, creating and saving Office documents.
  • No advanced technical knowledge required.
Merge & Unmerge cells.
Create a List.
MS Excel ® 2003 Replace Zeros.
MS Excel ® 2003 How to Color Even Rows
How to free up Disk Space
How to use the Word Count feature
How to track changes in a document
How to create Pivot Tables
How to use Research Service
How to change a word Template
How to automatically add Holidays to the Calendar
How to Import Contacts from an Excel file
Our collaborator
This service is brought to you thanks to the generosity of a dedicated HETS collaborator who offers his time and expertise to create innovative solutions that promote improved and successful learning options. Sunil Gulati is the Director of Technology Services for Student Space and an IT Consultant to Fortune 500 companies on IT Strategy, Application development, Data Integration Services and Business Intelligence.
Discussion Forum
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Yes! Your suggestions and/or collaborations are more than welcome; please let us know how we can serve you better. Your feedback is crucial to determine what software or specific features are going to be the next “HETS Quick Visual Training” of the week. We expect hearing from you soon!
Send your comments to info@hets.org
For now…
Enjoy the experience of participating in this new venture by downloading the HETS Quick Visual Training of the Week now. Also, make sure to be part of our discussions, as we look forward to enhancing the possibilities of this project for you.

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