Online Student Services to Increase Hispanic Student Retention

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Designed by:
René Sainz,
Assistant Director ITS, Online Learning and
Francisco García,
Manager, Distance Education, University of Texas at Brownsville

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Description and Methodology:

The purpose of this workshop module is to present best practices and resources to Distance Education Staff (Technical Support Staff, Instructional Designers, and Student Services Staff) to provide online student services in order to increase Hispanic Student Retention. This workshop module is divided in four (4) areas: Technical Support, Enrollment Services, Instructional Support, and Academic Services. This workshop will be self-paced divided by learning units.

Workshop Topics:

  • Technical Support: A comprehensive system of technical support services for Faculty and Students should be in place to ensure the effective use of technologies in online and hybrid courses.
  • Enrollment Services: Provide different formats of enrollment information to meet the needs of online and hybrid students. Services include online submissions of applications as well as online advising and class registration.
  • Instructional Support: Design a system of procedures for developing high quality online and hybrid courses. System will include the use of the new technologies as well as the implementation of ID process.
  • Academic Services: Provide other academic resources in online & hybrid courses to meet the needs of online & hybrid students. Online Library and Online Tutoring are some examples of such services.


This workshop will be evaluated by the following:

  1. Pre-Test: A survey instrument will provided as a pre-test to measure the aptitude, knowledge, and level of expertise with the different Synchronous and Asynchronous online tools and e-learning system utilized in technical support, enrollment services, instructional support, and academic services.
  2.  Post-Test: An assessment instrument will be implemented that will measure the new competencies acquired as a result of the student content interaction as well as the student to student interaction via the asynchronous tools (Discussion Forums and/or Blogs) in the areas of  technical support, enrollment services, instructional support, and academic services.
  3. The student will have to submit the overall workshop evaluation to approve it.

Designed for: Distance Education Staff, Technical Support Staff, Instructional Designers, and Student Services Staff.

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