General Education and Outcomes Assessment

Designed by:
Dr. Richard LaManna,

Academic Assessment Manager, Bronx Community College and
Albert Robinson,
Manager Technical and Instructional Support and Interim Manager,
Center for Teaching Excellence at Bronx Community College

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Description and Methodology:

This course will provide a basic understanding of outcomes assessment and all the guidance and information needed to perform successful outcomes assessment.  There will be eight (8) units of study, each focused on an element of general education and assessment. Students will read and participate in various exercises designed to broaden their perspective on outcomes assessment. At the end of each unit, students will be required to score a certain percentage of right answers on a unit test before moving on to the next one.

 Workshop Topics:

  • Unit 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the origin, purpose, and goals of General Education.
  • Unit 2. Compose course learning outcomes (CLO’s) and/or program learning outcomes (PLO’s) using Bloom’s Taxonomy and apply them to a hypothetical syllabus and curriculum.
  • Unit 3. Demonstrate an understanding of rubrics and their central place in assessment.
  • Unit 4. Compose and modify effective rubrics according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Unit 5. Develop different assessment tools for embedding learning outcomes.
  • Unit 6. Collect and analyze data from completed assessments.
  • Unit 7. Loop assessment results into the next course and/or program iteration.
  • Unit 8. Score at least 80% on a comprehensive exam.


This workshop will be evaluated by the following:

  1. Pre-test and post-test. Students will be expected to score at least 80% on the post-test to approve the workshop
  2. Complete the final overall workshop evaluation

Designed for: faculty and administrators with interest in Academic Assessment and technological proficiencies.

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