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Face to Face Professional Development Events
Certificación Básica y Avanzada- at your Institution!

HETS is constantly looking for newer and fresher ideas in its field of expertise to bring its members the best of all services, and maximize the knowledge and experiences of member themselves, as they get together to collaborate with each other and contribute to one another. This is why one of the HETS Consortium priorities involves the development and offering the series of basic and advanced workshops to either achieve Certificación Básica or Certificación Avanzada at your campus for groups of 15 or more participants.

Professional workshops are created with HETS members needs and interests in mind. Subject areas for these are selected based upon the needs identified through surveys, discussions, and evaluations, as well as based on the opportunities and challenges posed by current educational trends. Through these workshops and other series of events during the year, HETS aims at creating awareness and developing skills on the use of technology to enhance education. Workshops are also designed to promote among participants the advantages of technology to improve education and encourage the adoption and implementation of technology to enhance student support. Overall, PDEs serve as our medium to reach greater audiences on the impact of technology on Higher Education and the success of the Hispanic learner. Current available workshops are:

“Avalúo de Cursos y Facultad en Línea” (Faculty and Online Course Assessment)

This workshop has been designed for professionals interested in learning more about quality standards for distance education. Participants will learn about key factors in the quality of the online collaborative teams and the learning process.

“Servicios en Línea para Estudiantes” (Online Services for Students)

This workshop consists of a practical experience to help student support services administrators and faculty in designing and delivering effective strategies to support their students through the creation of online portfolios and tutorials.

“Servicios de apoyo en línea para facultad: Blog, Wikis, Web 2.0” (Online Support Services for Faculty: Blogs, Wikis, Web 2.0)

This workshop explores the latest Web 2.0 services and applications that make it possible to share, communicate, and create social networks and communities online among faculty members.

“Creación de un Modulo Educativo en línea” (Creation of an Online Educational Module)

Through this workshop, participants have a chance to self-assess their skills in the
development and delivery of an online course; analyze the development process of a virtual course; discuss the phases in the instructional development of this type of modules; and practice the steps towards the development of a virtual instructional module.

A repository of past workshops, listed below that include additional topics that have been offered by HETS experts that are also available upon request:

If you would like to have more information on these events, or propose areas you would like us to cover, don´t hesitate to let us know. You can email us to: info@hets.org or call the HETS office at 1-(787)-250-1912 exts. 2372 or 2373.









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