Not Flex Time Courses, but Flex Place

This presentation was transmitted live on January 24, 2013 | 10:30 am (AST/Puerto Rico time). You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

Download here the supporting documents- Not Flex Time Courses, but Flex Place.

The Organization Communication and Professional Development course is designed to provide access to service area student to help them achieve progress on degrees without coming to the university. But, the course design makes the course the equal to physical classes in terms of contact hours in both synchronous and asynchronous elements. This is accomplished using Second Life as the basis for curse design and delivery. An additional positive is the game-like learning experience that engages and captivates students.

Institution: University of Texas, Pan-American

Language: English

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David Sturges is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas- Pan American and has been online with course activities since 1994. He currently teaches undergrad and graduate courses online and in Second Life. He has published his techniques in a number of publications and has earned the Hormel Meritorious Teaching award and the UTPA Innovations in Online Teaching award.


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    Welcome to a discussion of an issue with considerable potential impact on accreditation for online programs for all colleges

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