• Pleased to announce our newest partner, CampusCare!

    Dear HETS member and collaborator,

    We are pleased to announce our newest partner, CampusCare, which provides students with immediate 24/7/365 access to general health care and mental health care through state of the art and strategic telehealth technology. CampusCare offers remote access (telehealth) to general medical doctors and mental health counselors 24/7/365 from anywhere in the U.S. and/or Puerto Rico, students are empowered to take control of their physical and mental health through their mobile devices, computers, and online video.

    CampusCare works with providers such as Teladoc, one of the largest telehealth technology providers in the United States providing general medical services to over 40 million members. CampusCare also works with Health Advocate (a nationwide provider to 12,500 organizations), to provide the best in immediate mental health services for students. Additionally, CampusCare provides low-cost pharmaceuticals through CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies throughout ...

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  • Additional discount for HETS members to register & participate in the HETS 2022 Best Practices Showcase

    HETS staff is back at the office, and we hope you are doing great. We are pleased to announce an additional discount for HETS members to register and participate in the 2022 HETS Best Practices Showcase (BPS) in San Juan, PR, thanks to the generosity and support of our host: Inter American University Metropolitan Campus. You can register to join the BPS either in-person or virtual

    See the Conference Program with the schedule for February 3 and 4, 2022, focused on three major tracks: Access, Retention, and Online Learning &Technology Integration in Higher Education, with more than 20 presentations with speakers from institutions in Puerto Rico and the United States

    See below the details of the Conference and the link to register:  

    • What: 2022 HETS Best Practices Showcase (more than 20 presentations
    • When: February 3 and 4, 2022Registration fees: Click here (in person or virtual), including a special rate for  Read more
    • HETS 2022 Best Practices Showcase

      We are pleased to share the Conference Program to invite you to register to participate in the 2022 HETS Best Practices Showcase (BPS) schedule for February 3 and 4, 2022 in San Juan, PR. Taking place in a hybrid modality, the HETS BPS will present three major tracks focused on AccessRetention, and Online Learning&Technology Integration in Higher Education, with more than 20 presentations with speakers from institutions in PR and the US.

      See below the details of the Conference and the link to register:

      • What: 2022 HETS Best Practices Showcase (more than 20 presentations)
      • When: February 3 and 4, 2022
      • Registration fees: Click here (in person or virtual), including a special rate for HETS Members
      • Where: Inter American University of PR, Metropolitan Campus, San Juan, PR (*Subject to Puerto Rico’s Government requirements) Please check the COVID 19 protocols to flight to PR in this link: Travel Safe (pr.gov)

      Again, during the 2022 Best Practices ...

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    • HETS team strengthens with the appointment of a new Executive Assistant

      We are pleased to announce that the HETS team strengthens with the appointment of Ms. Tish Zambrana as the new Executive Assistant. Although Tish recently received her MBA in Business Administration in Strategic Management from EDP University of Puerto Rico, her work experience and skills are remarkable. Her expertise includes business strategic planning, development, and execution of production plans, training coordination, contract reviewing, human resource, public relations, press materials, and finance.

      Tish’s work experience includes working in the Hospitality and Restaurants Industry for the past 12 years as a trainer, personnel recruiter, executive administrator, coordination, and budget analyst. Prior to this, Tish served as compliance reviewing business permits, OSHA, EEOC, confidential material, and constancy ...

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    • HETS celebra la octava edición del Student Leadership Showcase con más de 400 participantes

      Más de 400 estudiantes participaron de la octava edición del HETS Student Leadership Showcase: Llevando tu liderazgo a otro nivel, el 17 de septiembre de 2021 con una combinación de estudiantes presenciales en el Teatro de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico (UIPR) y otros conectados vía Zoom. La grabación del evento ya está disponible: Acceda aquí la grabación. El propósito principal del evento fue promover la gran variedad de servicios disponibles libre de costo para apoyar las metas académicas de los estudiantes e incrementar las oportunidades de éxito. Como en eventos anteriores, participaron estudiantes de todas las instituciones afiliadas en Puerto Rico. Además, participaron de otras instituciones ...

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    • We are thrilled to start the first edition of the HETS Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA)!

      The HETS Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA) is a professional development program focused on developing the next generation of leaders to serve at Hispanic Serving Institutions. Starting from August 3 to 6, this first edition will be in English through online synchronous conferences with expert resources. In this first edition of the HETS Academy, 13 candidates were selected from institutions like EDP University, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, California State University San Bernardino, Bronx Community College, Louisiana Community, and Technical College System, Broward International University, and Universidad Iberoamericana (UNINI).

      The acceptance to the H-LTLA was a competitive application process. The Evaluation Committee members, composed of senior staff at HETS Member Institutions selected by the HETS Board of Directors, based on their expertise, validated their peers’ applications for the H-LTLA. Through this process, the evaluation committee chose the most competitive applications with compelling evidence that the candidates meet all the requirements to take full advantage of the Academy. Also, they created a participants group with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ...

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      With a record of attendance of 32 out of 43 presidents and representatives from our institutional members; HETS celebrated its Summer Board Meeting on June 28, 2021. This is the third time that Board Members attend a virtual meeting through the Zoom platform due to the pandemic. The Board meeting discussed the results of the academic year 2020-2021 and the fourth year of the Strategic Plan 2017-2021. This report showed positive results like the increase of the use of online resources, more webinars with new speakers, Student Leadership Showcases in English and Spanish, continue offering HETS online workshops, among others. Also, presented new projects for next semester like adopting the final stage of the Open Source of our peer reviewed HETS Online Journal and offering the first Edition of the HETS Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA).

      Among the initiatives shared with the Board, the HETS ...

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    • HETS Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA) announced that will start in August 2021

      HETS announced its new professional development program called: Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA), starting in August 2021, focusing on developing the next generation of leaders with a special emphasis on the challenges and opportunities present at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). As a pioneer organization in the use of technology in higher education with enormous expertise and resources, the HETS Chair, Dr. Carlos Morales, proposed to develop an Academia during the HETS Board of Director meeting held in February 2021 and was approved.

      As part of the virtual launch, Dr. Carlos Morales presented the program’s purpose, the format, the competencies, among other benefits of enrolling in the first edition of HETS Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA). Dr. Morales continued explaining the curriculum of the H-LTLA, which consists of synchronous presentations of eight different topics designed to provide competencies to prepare professionals to support their institutions and transform their organizations to be more resilientflexible, and relevant. Also, the H-LTLA faculty had the opportunity to briefly explain their topics ...

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    • HETS proudly presents its Learning Technologies Leadership Academy to develop the next generation of leaders in Learning Technologies at HSI’s

      HETS is delighted to present a new professional development program called: Learning Technologies Leadership Academy (H-LTLA), focused on developing the next generation of leaders with a special emphasis on the challenges and opportunities present at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The Academy’s main goal is to provide the competencies to prepare professionals to advance their careers to the next level and pursue administrative or senior leadership roles. The H-LTLA format includes an online program scheduled to start on August 3 to 6, 2021 through the HETS Bb Collaborate platform. For four days, attendees will gain knowledge and skills through synchronous presentations offered by leaders in the higher education community. 

      The H-LTLA curriculum will be in English or Spanish and consists of topics related to Academic TechnologyOnline LearningInstructional/ Curriculum Design, Teaching and Learning, Project Management, Accreditation, Professional Development, and Data for Digital Learning. The topics have been selected to prepare higher education leaders to understand how to transform their organizations so they can prepare and support their institutions to be more resilient, flexible, and relevant as they ...

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      (Read the English version here)

      El Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS, por sus siglas en inglés) invita a participar de los webinars educativos programados para este semestre con expertos reconocidos de Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos e internacionales de países como España, Chile, Argentina y República Dominicana. Estos webinars tienen como fin brindar especial apoyo a las instituciones miembros en Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica, como parte de nuestro enfoque y misión. Estos webinars son libres de costo, sobre temas relacionados a la educación a distancia a través del Blackboard Collaborate, uno de los aliados corporativos de HETS.

      El primer webinar será en español por la Dra. Cristina Villalonga Gómez, Directora de Global Campus, la unidad de educación digital de la Universidad Nebrija (Madrid) el 19 de marzo de 2021. El webinar lleva por título: Los retos del Modelo ...

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    • HETS update on Spring semester offerings to support its members

      This Spring semester, HETS continues providing support and services to its member institutions and academic communities, locally, nationally, and internationally, as a pioneer organization in the use of technology in higher education with enormous expertise and services ready to use. Follow HETS as hestorg on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest news regarding the events held and additional offerings for the remaining Spring semester:

      Events held or services already in place

      • More than 20 recordings of presentations of the 2021 Virtual Best Practices Showcase focusing on distance learning, which is crucial and valuable in our new academic reality. All the recordings will be available until June 14, 2021.
      • Two recordings of the Virtual Student Leadership Showcases Tour in Spanish and English for PR, Latin America, and the US, offered to more than 500 students in February ...
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    • HETS celebrated its Winter Board Meeting with 36 representatives connected virtually.

      With attendance of 36 out of 42 presidents and representatives from our institutional members; HETS celebrated its second virtual winter Board Meeting on February 5, 2021 through the Zoom platform. The Board meeting discussed the first semester of academic year 2020-2021, the fourth year of the Strategic Plan 2017-2021. With a positive report on our Strategic plan results, including the increase of the use of our online resources, while envisioning to continue with new projects for next semester, including more webinars and continue offering our online workshops initiative.

      Among the initiatives, HETS shared with the Board, were highlighted the major activities to support the organizational programmatic goals such as the publication of the Fall Issue of the HETS Online Journal in another special collaboration with HACU and additional tools and services that were enhanced to the HETS Virtual Plaza. Other initiatives included the Student Leadership Showcase held online in September in Spanish for Puerto ...

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    • HETS successfully inaugurated the 2021 Virtual Best Practices Showcase with more than 100 attendees at its Opening Session.

      The 2021 Virtual Best Practices Showcase was inaugurated with its Opening Session held on February 4, 2021 via Blackboard Collaborate with more than 100 attendees from 23 different institutions and organizations in Puerto Rico, the US and Latin America. This opening session was a panel presentation titled: Strategically Use Technology to Support, Drive, and Optimize Retention of Online Students and the Learning Gap as a Result of the Pandemic. The panelists shared their perspective and answers questions about this important topic. The panel was composed of international experts from HETS members institutions including: Dr. Maritza Rondón, Chancellor of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Dr. Omayra Caraballo, Vice president of Distance Learning, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Dr. Alice J. Casanova, Dean, Distance Learning at EDP University, Mr. Carlos Guevara, Director, Office of Educational Technology Co-Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Hostos Community College (CUNY), and Mr. Francisco García, ...

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    • Save the Date and register for the 2021 Virtual Best Practices Showcase.

      HETS members register free of charge.

      We are pleased to invite you to Save the Date and register to participate in the 2021 HETS Virtual Best Practices Showcase that will be held from February 4- February 12, 2021. This Best Practices Showcase will open with a panel presentation focused on the conference main tracks: Innovation, Retention, and Online Learning and Technology Integration, scheduled from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EST) on February 4, 2021. Besides, more than 20 presentations were evaluated and selected to be part of this Virtual Showcase. See all the topics and presenters’ information on the following link:

      2021 Virtual Best Practices Showcase Schedule

      As you may see, this event is a combination of live and asynchronous online presentations that highlights and celebrates the outstanding work of HETS member ...

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    • HETS launches a special testimonial campaign to share the experiences of those who benefited from its services.

      A special testimonial campaign was launched to share the experiences of those who had used and benefited from HETS services. For more than 27 years, HETS has constantly worked to fulfill the need of its membership and its constituencies. On these difficult times that all institutions are facing in a new academic scenario, HETS services became especially vital. HETS staff had the opportunity to talk to those who the Consortium serve, who has benefited from its services and initiatives. Among the participants of the campaign are HETS Board Members, which are the presidents of the universities or colleges affiliated, who were asked about the attributes that members enjoy the most and what motivates them to join the Consortium.

      On the other hand, HETS had the opportunity to offer more than 20 online webinars to administrative and faculty members on different topics in both English and ...

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