New Year, New Board Officers for HETS after 2010 Summer Meeting

This summer’s HETS Board Meeting celebrated not only the end of one exciting and successful year, but also the closing of a three-year strategic plan term that brought many growth and development opportunities for the HETS Consortium. This Board meeting also gave place to the election of the HETS Board Officers for the next two years, which includes Dr. Eduardo Martí as the new Chairman of the Board. Also part of the new Executive Committee are Dr. José F. Méndez, elected Vice-Chair; Dr. José Jaime Rivera, elected Treasurer; Professor Nilda Nadal, reelected as Secretary for a second term; and Dr. Wendy Lawrence and Dr. Ivonne Chirino, both elected as regional representatives.

In June 2010, HETS ended its three-year strategic plan period. During the meeting, the Board discussed HETS’s achievements during the past three years, and explored a series of key priorities for the years to come. Throughout the past three years, the organization reached impressive levels of self-sustainability and recognition. These years were also characterized by high involvement from Board members, faculty, staff, and other constituencies from member institutions. HETS’s growth is expected to continue steadily during its next strategic plan period. This year, for instance, will begin with the launching of the first ever HETS Review Journal, a huge milestone in the Consortium’s history and a key benefit for members’ constituencies.

The Board also made important decisions regarding the establishment of new Board standing committees to support HETS organizational planning and strategic direction. Prior to the meeting, the Executive Committee met with corporate members in a morning corporate session where the Consortium presented a proposal for the establishment of a corporate partnership program that intends to amplify benefits for corporate partners and open up further development opportunities for HETS.

The meeting, which took place at the District Office of the City Colleges of Chicago on June 30 and July 1, 2010, gathered Board members and representatives from 13 member institutions.

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