Minué Yoshida

The World’s #1 Multicultural Speaking Coach

A half Mexican- half Japanese multilingual entrepreneur whose mission is to help people discover who they are, and what they are capable of, to then embrace their powers with bravery and leave an impact in the world.

She is an expert in navigating the business world through diverse cultures and has developed the abilities to facilitate the internal processes and techniques needed to speak in public in order to convey our messages as originally intended.

Through her coaching and consulting services, both in Fortune 100 Companies and her International Consulting Business, she enables choices for those who are ready to take the stage to transcend. From Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, to Dubai and back to the USA, she has been the
catalyst for change for over 50K Individuals in the past three decades.

She has been called disrupter, non-fit, crazy, intense and inappropriate, which has fueled her desire to help individuals overcome other’s expectations through the graceful art of Speaking Up and caring less of people’s judgments.

Minué follows the KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvement and is an expert in Experiential Learning.

She recognizes that if you want to create an impact in this diverse environment, you must be well versed in the multicultural and multi-generational idiosyncrasy of your audience. She teaches body language and cultural understanding to reach the end result: create meaningful
connections and sparkle change to truly achieve a permanent transformation. In order to make this a reality for a broader audience, in the USA and Worldwide, along with her partner
Angie Ogando she co-founded Yoshida Academy for excellence and transformation.