Knowlity Corporation’s live webcast transmission of the Desktop Transformation Model

HETS offered with one of our HETS Major Corporate Partners, Knowlity Corporation, a live webcast last December, 8th focused on the new Desktop Transformation Model topic. HETS continued with the coordination of professional development educational events, from which faculty and administrators can take advantage of, as part of our commitment of offering the best services and benefits to our member institutions. The transmission was possible thanks to the support of the team at the Sacred Heart University through their U stream Channel.

The day of the event, also a group of participants from Caribbean University, Huertas Junior College and Carlos Albizu University joined us at the Sacred Heart University to listen to the interesting topic, presented by Mr. Emilio Fuentes, President and CEO of KC. Participants from Berkeley College, Unitversity of Texas at Brownsville and Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, also join us trough the live webcast transmission. During the event, Mr. Fuentes had the opportunity to explain how the Desktop Transformation Model can be useful in higher education institutions.  It’s clear that higher education institutions everywhere increasingly understand the “wow” of desktop virtualization and its impact on their top business objectives and their student learning experience. The Desktop Transformation Model helps organizations get from “wow to how” and quickly realize the many benefits of desktop virtualization.  Participants had the opportunity to discover what Virtual Desktops can do for your organization and how the Desktop Transformation Model can get you started on the right path.

To learn more about the topic Knowlity Corporation presented during this event please access the HETS You Tube Channel, and learn from the series of recorded transmission.  Also, for your reference a downloadable copy of the presentation is available at: Desktop Transformation Model presentation.  If you need more information regarding this and other topics related to desktop virtualization, please contact the HETS office at (787) 766-2600 exts .8910, 8911 or send an email to


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