Information Technology Showcase event: presentation of the Lehman College Dashboard Tool in PR.

Mr. Ron Bergmann and Lei Millman during their presentation at UNE.

Concurrent with its winter Board meeting, on January 15, HETS celebrated the Lehman College Dashboard Tool event hosted by Universidad del Este, AGMUS. The main purpose of the event was to share Lehman College’s best practices in specific operational and educational areas and test the system live with a real time response. This tool was developed in house by the institution Information Technology department in order to better analyze student data and serve them effectively and maximizing administrative performance.

HETS welcomed participants from Information Technology departments at HETS member institutions which had the opportunity to learn about the innovative technologies created by Lehman College in its: Lehman College Dashboard Tool. The tool was presented by: Mr. Ron Bergmann, Vice President of Information Technology Division /CIO, and Ms. Lei Millman, Developer, Information Technology Division, Lehman College. For the benefit of those who didn’t attend face to face, this event was recorded and its available to watch through the HETS You Tube Channel (Lehman College Dashboard Tool Playlist). Attendees had also the opportunity to participate of the Live Opening Session of the 2015 Virtual Best Practices Showcase after the event.

HETS would like to thank the IT department of the Universidad del Este, AGMUS and its team for the use of its computer laboratory, at the Escuela de Hospitalidad y Artes Culinarias José A. “Tony” Santana, to perform the testing of the dashboard tool and the recording of this event.

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