Honoring the memory of a visionary man: José María Antón, Virtual Educa’s General Secretariat.

From left to right: Yubelkys Montalvo, Manuel J. Fernós, José María Antón, Suleira Quiñonez during the Collaboration Agreement signed between HETS and Virtual Educa on February 2019

We regret to share that Virtual Educa’s General Secretariat, José María Antón died of coronavirus on Saturday in Spain. The previous week he had tested positive for Covid-19 and entered intensive care and pass away last Saturday March 21st. We are deeply sad with his loss and would like to honor his memory and highlight his leadership and commitment with education. As a visionary man and exceptional professional, José María Antón always promoted programs and initiatives for innovation in Education, as basic mechanisms for sustainable development and social transformation, especially in the Americas Latin America and the Caribbean. His guidance and important role will be deeply missed, precisely in this new academic scenario that we are living now, that he was totally committed to.

As a very important partner, HETS will continue the collaboration with Virtual Educa signed on February 2019 (click here to learn more). This agreement allows us join efforts to develop projects that link entities from Latin American, Caribbean countries and with related agencies in other regions of the world. Although José María leadership will be enormously missed, we will follow his example and continue his legacy. We send our thoughts to his family, our colleagues from Virtual Educa and all the ones who had the opportunity to work with him or meet him. Rest in peace. To read the official news visit: https://virtualeduca.org/mediacenter/comunicado-oficial-de-virtual-educa-sobre-el-fallecimiento-de-jose-maria-anton/.




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