Hispanic Students – Financial Aid Opportunities (Part 2)

The Hispanic population in the United States has gradually risen over the last few years. In 2006, the number of minority residents in the US was at 100.7 million; Hispanics numbered 44.3 million, which is 14.8% of the country’s population. The latest census, indicates that the Hispanic population grew to 50.5 million of Hispanics. Since 2001, Hispanics have outnumbered African Americans, the other group that comprises the largest minority population in the country. With the number of Hispanic Americans on the rise, it is not a wonder why many institutions have started giving more and more scholarship money to Hispanic students.

The Scholarship for Hispanics section in the Virtual Plaza site offers a repository of resources to assist students in selecting the appropriate funding sources. We invite you to visit this section. If you know of additional resources, feel free to share them with us by sending a message to info@hets.org.

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