HETS/LAAP Professor Recognized by the Instructional Design Council

Miami Dade College’s Professor Mildred (Millie) Roqueta has received the 2004 Outstanding Online Course Award from the Instructional Technology Council for her online course “Psychology of Personal Effectiveness”. The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) is a national organization that represents higher education institutions in the United States and Canada and is a leader in advancing distance education and instructional design.

Prof. Roqueta was honored at a special recognition luncheon on February 23rd, at the San Diego Marriott Del Mar. The award ceremony is part of this year’s Tel e-learning conference in San Diego, California. This prestigious award recognizes excellence in course presentation, content, activities, evaluation, and management. It also acknowledges outstanding levels of interactivity, use of multimedia, communication, and variety of instructional material.

A full-time faculty member at MDC’s Kendall Campus Social Science Department, Prof. Roqueta holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both from the Miami Institute of Psychology of the Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies. She is a member of MDC’s Distance Education Committee, the Hispanic Heritage Month Committee, the Women’s History Conference Committee, and the Kendall Campus Academic and Student Support Council.

In commending Prof. Roqueta for the award, MDC president Eduardo J. Padrón said, “Prof. Roqueta’s ’Psychology of Personal Effectiveness’ course has succeeded in establishing a genuine sense of community among her students. Individuals who can shape technology into a humanizing force, who can make distance learning a means of bridging physical and cultural distance, earn my lifelong respect.”

Professor Roqueta’s “Psychology of Personal Effectiveness” course is widely regarded as one of the best online courses at MDC’s Virtual School. She has taught this course, using a variety of media, since June 2000. This online course was developed by Prof. Roqueta through a Grant awarded by the Hispanic Educational Telecommunications System (HETS). HETS is a consortium initiative whose mission is to widen the access of higher education to Hispanic students by linking colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico through technology, and by increasing distance learning opportunities through partnerships and collaboration.

Prof. Roqueta’s course has been taught for over three years and has reached over 600 hundred students in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America.