HETS representation as an At Large organization during ICANN’s 50th meeting in London.

IcannHETS Executive Director, Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo participated along with more than 3,300 people from around the world of the ICANN’s 50th meeting in London, making it the largest in the organization’s history. HETS was certified as an At Large organization on year 2013, and have been actively participating of conference calls and webinars to get involved on ICANN initiatives.

During the opening session of the London meeting, key people made important comments like: Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO of ICANN, who said: “Today is a great day for advancement of the multistakeholder model and its inclusivity”. “ICANN 50 is a milestone meeting for many reasons, not the least of which is the remarkable affirmations of the multistakeholder model it has brought.”

Also, Chehadé applauded the Chinese government’s adoption of the DNSSEC deployment and the expansion of the IPv6 protocol, which he said will assured the expansion of the continued global expansion of the Internet. Minister Lu Wei of China’s Cyberspace Affairs Administration told attendees, “We all hold one single aspiration, i.e. to improve the governance of the Internet. This is in line with ICANN’s vision of ‘One World, One Internet’.”

ICANN President

Executive Director with Dr. Crocker, ICANN’s Board Chair.

In the other hand, the U.K.’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Edward Vaizey told attendees, “The Internet, as it has been governed, has to be seen as an unqualified success story. It’s created the opportunity for massive economic growth and for greater intellectual freedom. So if we’re going to look at the governance of the Internet, it’s important that we preserve those principles.”

Another key speaker was the Board Chair, Dr. Stephen Crocker, embraced ICANN’s maturation to meet the needs of an expanding online world. “Our world, – the Internet world… is constantly evolving, changing to meet the ever-expanding number of global Internet users”

ICANN London Meeting Jul-14

Part of ICANN’s 50th meeting participants, June 2014 at London.

ICANN’s 50th meeting continued through the week with sessions on ICANN’s global accountability and consideration of the U.S. government’s proposal to transition of the stewardship of the Internet’s technical functions to global multistakeholder model. Ms. Montalvo participated of several sessions and plenary sessions from the North America Region (NARALO). Ms. Montalvo also has the opportunity to meet some of the leaders of ICANN and other organizations participating from all over the World that attended the meeting.

To learn more about ICANN50 visit: http://london50.icann.org/en/.

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