HETS Mission Reinforced by its First Major Corporate Partners

HETS is pleased to announce that Ramona Munsell and Associates, Inc. (RMA), Blackboard Corporation (Bb) and Knowlity Corporation (KC) have become the first ever Major Corporate Partners, a commitment that extends throughout a three-year period, beginning late 2010. Major Corporate Partner is the highest category of the HETS Corporate Partnership Program, an initiative created to gather the support of organizations interested in endorsing and promoting the advancement of Hispanic higher education through technology innovations and educational technology opportunities.

RMA’s, Bb’s and KC’s contributions will support the expansion of new programs and services for HETS member institutions, including professional development events, special educational workshops, the HETS Online Journal, and online tools, among others. They will also share news and resources with HETS members through the HETS Connection, other publications, and events. HETS Major Corporate Partners are carefully selected by the members of the Board of Directors as organizations that may collaborate and provide assertive services to colleges and universities that serve Hispanic students in Puerto Rico, United States, and Latin America.

HETS has added a new section in its website to provide further information about its Major Corporate Partners. The page can be accessed through http://hets.org/det_content.php?cnt_id=277&cn_id=104.

HETS is delighted to have Ramona Munsell & Associates, Blackboard, and Knowlity as its first Major Corporate Partners and appreciates their trust and support. Thank you for the active involvement towards the accomplishment of this educational higher vision.