HETS launches a special testimonial campaign to share the experiences of those who benefited from its services.

A special testimonial campaign was launched to share the experiences of those who had used and benefited from HETS services. For more than 27 years, HETS has constantly worked to fulfill the need of its membership and its constituencies. On these difficult times that all institutions are facing in a new academic scenario, HETS services became especially vital. HETS staff had the opportunity to talk to those who the Consortium serve, who has benefited from its services and initiatives. Among the participants of the campaign are HETS Board Members, which are the presidents of the universities or colleges affiliated, who were asked about the attributes that members enjoy the most and what motivates them to join the Consortium.

On the other hand, HETS had the opportunity to offer more than 20 online webinars to administrative and faculty members on different topics in both English and Spanish languages. For the students, HETS celebrated two Student Leadership Showcase events and more than six webinars, in English and Spanish, in which more than 1,000 students from Puerto Rico, United States, and Latin America enjoyed the presentations from expert resources. After those events, messages from attendees were received expressing their appreciation and congratulations, grateful of being part of those events so necessary during this pandemic. Both faculty and students were invited to be part of testimonial campaign. Also, members of the HETS Student Ambassadors Program and Student Advisory Committee were interviewed to learn more about their experiences and how being part of these initiatives has helped them in their student and professional development.  You can learn more about HETS testimonial campaign by following us in our social media accounts (@hetsorg) in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and You Tube. For more information about HETS, our membership and services, you can send us an email to info@hets.org  or send a text or call to 787-616-3201.